Random "Feel Goods"

According to the Pres, the cupcakes were a big hit at Rhia's party!!...YEAH!!!
I missed theatre because of my back but, when he told me, it was a "feel good".

The Pres was I involved in a minor accident on his way home from the party.  We later found out that it was reported to their insurance that the Pres "rear-ended" them which was NOT the case!  Although that annoyed us, it was another "feel good" knowing no one was hurt and it truly was "minor."

After a solid week of doing stretches I learned years ago while in physical therapy, this week I tried to get back to "normal."  My workout at the gym Monday was not as strenuous, as I lightened weights/resistance and actually avoided a few machines...intentionally.  But I made it...another "feel good."

Did you know that the tiny tears in your muscles and or ligaments need time to heal before exerting yourself again?  Skipping Wednesday's workout because of the snow and extreme cold, I am heading to the gym today...:) Another "feel good."

Sis is doing well...very well.  She has been dusting, cleaning, organizing and sprucing things up now that she has most of her energy back.  It is apparent in her voice and such a blessing to hear!  This is the best and biggest "feel good" of all!


Nancy C said…
I appreciate how you manage to see the bright side of things.

And so happy your sister is doing well. xo
Take care of that back!

Oh that is rotten those people reported erroneously to their insurance. Glad it was minor.

So happy to hear sis is doing well!
E. Beth. said…
wow, so much going on in your world. cupcakes rocks!! so much better than cake. well, most of the time. perfect size. ( :
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear she is doing so well. What a strong woman.
These were all "feel goods" for sure, JP, except for those folks being dishonest. It's hard to fathom folks like that.
Sorry about the accident and the wrong interpretation of it. -pout-

Oh yes, we need to rest muscles, after working them. Like everything else, it a cycle. Stress, repair, stress again.

MadSnapper said…
glad the accident was minor and that sister is doing well..
Oh I am so happy about your sister.I am also happy no one was hurt in the accident. B
Ann said…
That's a lot of feel goods. That would have seriously annoyed me having someone lie like that. Like you said though at least no one was hurt and it was a minor accident
carol l mckenna said…
Glad Sis is better and no one was hurt in accident ~ lots of things to feel good about ~ Aware of the positive so good for the soul ~ thanks,

carol, xxx
Rambling Woods said…
Oh I wish people would tell the truth.... Glad your sister is feeling more like herself....
Anonymous said…
That sounds like a lot of good in your little corner of the world.

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