About a week ago, the Pres spotted one of the adult eagles diving into the woods in the direction of the nest.

Surprised by the sighting, a few days later I trudged through the snow and checked out the grounds around the nest.  Even though Kate at DEEP told me they could return anywhere from December to March to begin their nesting ritual, I was surprised to find bones...scattered once again all around the base of their tree.

Not far from the base of "their" tree, I snapped a pic of the tall, dead pine, their favorite look-out.  Still standing strong, it is a perfect vantage point enabling the mate to perch nearby and watch for intruders like me while one stays on the nest.

Did you know that both adults take turns caring for the eggs and chicks?  

Did you know that when they land on the nest they curl in their talons to prevent damaging the eggs?

 New this year...a huge hornet/wasp nest dangling over the clearing between their cluster of pines and my vantage point.  

Hmmm...something for me to think about. Is it true wasps will not return to a used nest?

My trail home...still clear with the the exception of a few small fallen cedars.  I guess I need to get ready for duty!

Do you think I should purchase a blind?

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eileeninmd said…
I hope you get to see the eagles return to the nest.. It is always a treat to see the eagles. Great find on the bones on the ground around the tree.
No. no blinds.. you take brilliant shots from your window.. you could have blinds, but keep them up when you want to take photos.
I just wanted to ask JP..why the eagles nest only had bones in it?
I have heard that wasps dont return to the same nest..but not sure if its true..I suppose its "wikipidia" here i come.
Wow.. You really have heavy snow falls there in your valley. A beautiful sight.
Hope you see the eagles again. Amazing how they land on the eggs with their tallons open.
val x
Anonymous said…
By 'blind' I assume you mean a hunters or photographers hidey hole? I think if you just continue with your usual routines the eagles will be used to seeing you and you won't disturb them. It won't take them long to understand you mean them no harm.
gld said…
I am learning about eagles from you.....we are now beginning to see eagles here which is something very new. They are amazing to see them land with that huge wingspan. I am not sure why we are getting them in our area now but they are very welcome.

I do hope yours re home that same nest. What fun!
Andrea said…
If you return there more frequently, i am sure you will also see them one of these days. I wonder what those bones are from, and where the eagles got them.
MadSnapper said…
yikes on the nest and love that tall tree
Anonymous said…
Wow! Do hope you get to see and photograph the Eagles ~ nice shots ~ Happy 2014 ~ carol, xxx
TexWisGirl said…
so great you have them to watch in your neighborhood!
Willow said…
Thanks for taking us along on your walk ~ I really enjoyed it !
Tiggeriffic said…
I have always wanted a hornet's nest.. they re usually so high up in the tree that you can't get a ladder tall enough to get to them.. But couple years ago I saw one that was not too far off the ground. So I went home grabbed my short ladder and saw and cut it down. It is hanging in my garage.. safe and sound.. As far as I know the birds in the spring use the hornet nest for nesting material.i The hornets do not reuse their nests. It's quite a work of art if you look at it closely. Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)
There are plenty of hornets nests in the trees around here.. my scalp tingles just thinking about it.
Ann said…
I didn't know any of those things about eagles. Quite interesting. I don't know about a blind but maybe a bee keepers suit just in case that nest is going to inhabited
Starry Dawn said…
Amazing photos, sweetheart!!
I love eagles!!
Happy New Year to you, family & beloved ones!!
Poet Starry Dawn.
Nancy said…
This is very exciting to watch an eagle's nest! We had a hawk's nest near one house we lived in. Here in CT we hear owls in the summer. They sound like a gang of monkeys!
MTWaggin said…
You'd have great fun with a blind but honestly they see so darned far that you'd probably have to sit there a long time. They will get used to you as each year passes. So cool that you have such an opportunity so close!
Rain said…
So many of us can enjoy eagles now- just wish my dad could have lived long enough to see them at our camp fishing like we can enjoy them now! Plus one of the cams is near me in Fla - will enjoy watching them in person soon- in North Ft Myers! On my way thru conn soon JP !!

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