Silly Boys

Whenever we get substantial amounts of snow, the Pres makes a few passes around the yard so the dogs don't have to wade through the crusted snow to do their business.  But this is the first year the Pres used to ATV rather than shoveling the paths.  Beginning in the backyard and making a pass down into the front yard, the track ends up being about 5-6 ft wide.

My handsome man, the devoted Copper Lucas Aspen, followed the Pres around the yard as he raced around.  I think he thought it was his new exercise track! 

Moon and I sat and watched the two boys circle the yard.
Silly boys! I thought.

But the next few days, the homemade track proved to be a form of exercise for the dogs and I as we ran (slowly) doing laps several times a day.  Refusing to walk them on road surfaces during the Winter months because of the chemicals used and the potential damage to their pads, I'm very cautious with them walking on crusted snow.

I don't think I'm overprotective, do you?

Outdoor Wednesday


Steve Finnell said…

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eileeninmd said…
What a neat way to get exercise and clear a path.. I know my Goldie Girl would appreciate a path shoveled for her. I have heard that the salt they use on the roads can be harmful for the dog's paws. I hope you are keeping warm and safe there.
Have a happy weekend!
A great idea JP. The pres, I am sure enjoyed making the walk for your dogs.
Too protective, never. When it comes to our pets , they are our family and it would be awful if they got any chemicals on their paws. I am surprised chemicals are used to thin the snow.!
Its clear here, but still damp and cold.
The sun is trying to peep through.
wishing you and the pres..and family a happy weekend.
val x
Anonymous said…
Some folks are not as protective as they should be. You are a great puppy mom.
carol l mckenna said…
What a great idea ~ Your hubby is a darling and your doggie a cutie ~ I have to walk my dog on the 'surfaces' but wash her paws after if we have had to walk on 'salted roads' ~ thanks for your comments ~ Happy Weekend ~ carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)
TexWisGirl said…
good for all of you.
Personally, I agree with your worries. I'm not a pet owner, and shouldn't talk, but I'd think any pet owner should err on the side of caution.

Good for you and your man! Making a nice little run, for the doggie and for you. Super!!!

Anonymous said…
Love that he makes a path for them. We haven't had enough snow to have to deal with creating pathways yet.... probably had one inch fall last night.
Rambling Woods said…
Love this... Made me smile
Ann said…
Over protective? No way. I refuse to throw down salt on our front porch because of Duke.

My father in law shovels a spot in the yard for their dog. He calls it the poop loop :)
Mimsie said…
What a marvellous idea and over-protective? Never! Our pets are part of our family and we protect them the same way we would human members of our family.
I am not sure about Steve's 'comment' but I don't think I'l bother following his blog. All a bit too much for me I'm afraid. Is he one of your regulars as I don't recall seeing him here before.
gld said…
JP, we do that with the truck or atv between the house and the barn, much safer than shoveling.

I love how you can see out your window to watch them!
No, you are being overprotective, just taking precautions because those road chemicals could cause problems for Moon and Copper, and then you as well being upset. Looks like Joe had a food time too.
Once you've got the dog trained on the track, next get him running after a rabbit really fast then enter him for the next Greyhound race and you might win some money!!! ^..^
Don't worry that's a joke I can tell you are a really caring owner, I never knew you had to be careful of the chemicals used to clear the snow - fascinating. Thanks.
Wren x
Candy C. said…
No, I don't think you are overprotective at all! I like you and the dogs using the path as your exercise track! :)
Anonymous said…
Pretty view from your window.

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