The Rage

I see and hear the rage.


"Using hashtags can be tricky" according to Instagram.
"Be specific...Be relevant...Be observant."

Sharing mine with you and Mosaic Monday





How about you?

What's your hashtag for today?


eileeninmd said…
Lovely photos! They have me wishing for a warm beach getaway.. Have a happy day!
Anonymous said…
hashtag cozy
Oh wow! I don't even know what a "hashtag" is!!! LOL.

But I know what Aruba is. Oh you lucky, lucky folks. What a magnificent place, for a holiday.




Happy Monday,
Unknown said…
What beautiful pictures! I am going to think of these to help me get through my work week. I see you are a fan of survival bracelets like me! I thought they were just a fashion item until I looked them up. I think it is so cool that it is actually a survival tool and can unravel for emergencies. Thanks so much for sharing!
I'm not a hashtag person myself.. but I figured out that you are referring to Aruba... are you there? going? Lucky you!
Stunning photos! I love the first one especially. My hashtag today is #waitingforsnow.
E. Beth. said…
i enjoy using hashtags some times ... but others i feel silly. the hubby & always laugh when watching the news because they talk about them all the time ... & it sounds funny. but it is the the "in things to do". #what'sfordinner ( :
Candy C. said…
What a lovely vacation you guys will have! My hashtag today was #laundry. :)
hula-la said…
Wow! Your scene is the complete opposite of mine. Tapping into your warmth here in the northeast! Aloha
Faye said…
This post is so creative and your photos perfectly illustrate the message. Yes, I do have next trip booked--eastern Europe, Greece and Istanbul. In May--soon time to get excited.
Ann said…
never heard of a hashtag before but I wouldn't mind being on that beach right now.
Some nice photos. Particularly like the one with the beach! Can't wait for summer now!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.
I tried to comment on this post all day yesterday! Ugh, blogger!

Are you on instagram then? Come follow me. I'm @varunner7 on there. I love your pictures!
betty-NZ said…
Wow! Those are some great shots!

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