Winter Woes

Some people hate being stuck indoors.

Some people hate the cold.

Some people (like the Pres) hate it when their truck breaks down 1/2 away from their home....especially when their wife told him to let it warm up a while before heading out.  The old woman had heard on the news that in this sub zero weather, frozen gas lines are common because of condensation ( which is why in extreme cold weather, it's always best to have a full tank of gas).

But, some people (the Pres) sure are grateful to the unknown passerby...a stranger...who offered to tow the old, big, red and black, Dodge diesel home.

Can you see the thick, white tow line strapped to the Pres' diesel near the driver's side tire?

Unfortunately, the front wheel drive on the stranger's red Jeep Cherokee was broken, making the weight of the Dodge too heavy to make it up the hill on the firmly packed snow and ice from our recent storm.

After giving the young man $35.00 for his kindness and time, the Pres used all our extension cords to connect the charger to the dead batteries.

Tomorrow will be better.

Yes, and so it was Saturday, January 4th, 2014.


Meryl Baer said…
These things happen. Not your fault, no matter what the other half says!
Happy New Year!
TexWisGirl said…
i like to hear of good samaritans.
MadSnapper said…
so sorry to hear he needed a tow but happy to know kind strangers still live in our world... i just came from a blog in Canada and she said is is -64 degrees
Anonymous said…
they never listen to us do they?
eileeninmd said…
I am glad someone was there to help the Pres! It has been very cold, we are having freezing rain here, YUCK!

Stay warm and take care!
I've no doubt the Pres would have done the same thing if the table had been turned! I'm glad he got home, and his truck did too--But what about your "I told you so?" :-)
Ann said…
Lucky there was someone there nice enough to offer to tow him home. So did you point out how right you were?.
Sorry to read about the breakdown, but seems the wife can be right!
Chatty Crone said…
Sorry about your troubles girlfriend.

Stay warm,
Hello JP.
This post reminds me of one you wrote last year. I think the pres's truck broke down due to bad weather..
very nice of the stranger to help.
Do you not have a garage.! Your photos are amazing. That is real heavy snow lying there on the ground.
I would hate to get stuck in that.
Glad it all turned out ok.
happy days.. val xxx

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