Sipping my coffee, reading emails and listening to the updates on those silly groundhogs across the country, I hoped for Spring. I am so DONE with cold weather...done with all the dull browns...just DONE! Yesterday I saw a bit of green here and there as I wandered around the yard with the dogs. The Pres and I even began talking about "the plan" for what yard work needed to be done this year and when we will do what.

Spring must be on it's way as today temps will, once again, be in the forties. I plan to spend as much time outside as possible...just to fill my lungs with fresh air. After all, it is the year of the Yang Wood Horse which tells me to grab a chunk of mane, hold on tight and ready myself for an exuberant year. Yes, Spring is just around the corner here at our house.

In fact, this morning, with the dense fog lingering around the dogs and I, Spring was everywhere. Greeted by the cries of the adult eagles in the vicinity of their nest made me smile...made my mind soar. Yes, they will be mating soon and the egg laying will follow even though snow, sleet and freezing rain is predicted for Wednesday. Ah...Spring will be here soon, I thought as I rounded the corner and saw the deer nibbling at the corn and grain put out by the Pres.

But...according to Chuckles, our Mansfield, CT groundhog, who was not laughing when the prediction was made, CT has six more weeks of Winter...UGH! WHAT????? But what about all the signs I saw and heard and felt?

So what did your local groundhog say?


MadSnapper said…
groundhogs are like the internet.. if they say it it must be true. LOL
i just came in from fun times in the back yard with Jake.. bright sun and 76 degrees... woo hoo
MTWaggin said…
Haha we don't have a groundhog we just suck it up! LOL
Anonymous said…
Six weeks of winter? I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 10 more weeks of winter weather.
Potomac Phil saw his shadow in DC, so I guess we've got the same forecast as you--We have a storm coming on Monday, so he could be right, do you think he listened to the weathermen beforehand?

But I'm tired of the browns too!!
Maude Lynn said…
Our local groundhog refused to come out at all; we're having a snowstorm!
Inger said…
I forgot all about the groundhogs today. What did the official Phil have to say? No groundhogs here, just ground squirrels and gophers. It's freezing here too now, so no one showed up. Samson Says: Six more weeks of winter, please!
Candy C. said…
That was truly sad news this morning when Phil saw his shadow... ;)
An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. Glad Spring is just around the corner!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.
Unknown said…
I have no idea about General Lee's prediction. I figure 6 more weeks anyway! :{ Have a great week.
Ann said…
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow but then we woke up to everything covered in heavy snow this morning so it was no surprise
Anonymous said…
I'm considering finding a good recipe for groundhog.
E. Beth. said…
i still wonder when it became the thing to do - to listen to a furry animal to tell me the weather??! so silly. what will the come up with next??! ( :
"...it is the year of the Yang Wood Horse which tells me to grab a chunk of mane, hold on tight and ready myself for an exuberant year."

I didn't know the year... Nor do I know what our ground hog decided.

But I do, do, do like the way you wrote of the coming year. Grab mane and hold on tight! Yessssss!!! Wonnnnderful!!!!


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