Encouragement is Golden

While at Mia's this week, she decided she was competing in Sochi (located in the living room) and her coach (her Daddy) and the judge (me, Nana) were on hand to watch her performance. Her coach encouraged her, telling her that thousands of spectators were awaiting her appearance on the floor for the gymnastics competition.

Suddenly out of my son's mouth..."Mia, you can do it! Do it for all those who love you! Do it for Mother Poland!"  (His Dad, my first husband, was Polish.)

LOL!!! When I heard that, I laughed so hard...I thought I was going to pee my pants. Yet, being the judge, I had to quickly get my emotions under control as Mia stepped to her stand (her pink step stool) and prepared to launch.

And it was there she climbed, stepped, tumbled and landed, arching her back, throwing her arms forward, landing, straightening her legs and ending with her feet together and a confident grin on her face.

The crowd (my son and I...LOL ) roared.

Now came the presentation of the medals.

She won the GOLD!

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Can you tell how excited she was?


Anonymous said…
i hope she keeps that imagination growing strong all her life.
MadSnapper said…
I see her excitement, I hear yours... what fun
gld said…
She is a pretty little girl! This is such a great age for her and you all.
Just precious... :-)

Lucky little girl, to have family, to be her judges and crowd, for the Olympics. :-)

Gentle hugs,
Betty said…
Sounds like you had everything except the National Anthem. I bet a lot of kids are playing "Olympics" right now. Cute!
LOL Mother Poland!

Adorable pics...

One day...who knows. :) She is adorable.
Ann said…
not only does she have a great imagination but she's darn cute too
Empty Nester said…
You're a riot! And she's just the cutest! :)

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