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A few weeks ago, Lisa  (Two Bears and the Three Cubsdid a post about her son, Pierce and his innate ability to make bracelets using a loom she purchased.  Lisa, who always has great ideas for kids, put the idea in my head and all I had to do was find the loom. Seemed easy enough.  

Adding that to my list, when I left the gym the next day, I began my search.  After looking in Michaels' and finding they "were out," my next stop was WalMart.  There I stood in an isle bordering the Craft section when a younger woman, wearing glasses and bundled for cold weather, approached the display, picked up a box, turned and said, "This is so great and so much fun for the kids. It's so popular in school!  My mother is a teacher and she said all the kids love it." 

Extending her arm towards me to show me the box, I couldn't help but notice she was wearing a bracelet crafted of rubber bands.

Pointing to it, "Is that one?" I asked.

"Yes, this was made by a five year old," she responded.

"Well, it sounds like what I'm looking for.  Thanks for your help!" I said, taking a box off the display and heading toward the register.  My plan was to bring it to Mia's when I was going to sleep over.  We would definitely have fun with this, I thought smiling.  Clutching the box a little tighter, my mind began...Mia is going to love this. After all, if Pierce could do this, certainly I could.

Fast forward a day later to Mia's house...

Ha!  What a joke!!!

Really? I said to Mia as I pondered the directions.  Of course, she immediately pointed to the fanciest bracelet on the front of the box to which I replied, "Mia, let's start with basic first."  

"What's basic, Nana?"

 Thinking to myself...Where was Bracelet Man when I needed him?, my response was quick.  "THIS is basic, Mia." 

What crafts have you done with your kids, grand kids lately?

Sharing a little more with you and 

Katherine's Corner

Oh more thing, I have now mastered the triple band bracelet and adding extensions...thanks to YOUTUBE!  


simply bev said…
Those loom kits are so popular! I was sitting in the park on Sunday and there was a picnic table surrounded by 8 young boys, all making rubber band bracelets. They were having such fun!
Anonymous said…
The bracelets look like a fun project.
MadSnapper said…
I do love youtube tutorials, it is the first place i go when i want to learn how to do something, even a new camera there will be a video to show how to unbox and set up.... that said you will not find me watching a craft video, but i like seeing what you did and i know the kids love it....
TexWisGirl said…
ha ha. :) good for you.
Tiggeriffic said…
Laughing and sayting "Way to Go"...You can do it..
This seems to be a popular thing for kids of ALL ages to make these bracelets. Even Ben has gotten into the action of making them for himself and for his friends..
Good Job~! Mia is going to love you~!
Ta ta for now from Iowa:)
You are Tiggeriffic~!
Awww..what great thing it is to do things with Grands.. the last "kraft" I did with and for Grandchildren..was a Fairy Garden.
I used old wheelbarrow, one was even rusted through the bottom..filled it with a bag of potting soil and made a garden. They turned out adorable..and today I bought a Fairy Garden beginner kit for the little girl across the streets 9th birthday. She loves ours and never tires of visiting it. So Saturday she will be able to begin her very own.
Children get so excited..
I have never seen bracelets like that or even heard of them so this is all new to me. :) Enjoy! All of my 14 grandchildren are grown up so now it's the little Greats I get to play with.
Ann said…
I've been seeing those looms all over the place, they sure are popular.
I have no grandchildren and the last time I tried to show my daughter how to do any craft was years ago when she wanted to learn to crochet. It was a very short lesson...lol
MTWaggin said…
I just saw the rubber band bracelets and looms for the first time the other day in Ben Franklin too. Resisted, I have enough crafts to do!
E. Beth. said…
i have always enjoyed crafts. what a fun idea. i use to do a lot of crafts that used our iron. i remember (don't recall what it was made out of) but it was like a whole forest ... you poured water & they grew right before your eyes. it was amazing!! my aunt gave it to me ... i love it. wonder if she remembers what it was called??! have fun!( :
I don't have any kids to do crafts with, but I did see one of the looms in Walmart and thought immediately of Pierce. I thought about trying it myself, but I'd probably have to call the Bracelet Man to help me. :-)

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