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"Mom, I went to get the new tires put on last night in the storm and they're done", said my son when I answered the phone.

"Good.  Now it will drive better in the snow," was my response.

Continuing on he said, "Mom, I'm not done.  It was spitting out antifreeze when I got there.  They said you need to replace the water pump and thermostat.   But don't get it done at this place, Mom.  They're too expensive.  I can have my mechanic look at it and give you a much better price."

"Really?  Are you sure?  Bring it when you have the time and then let me know what I owe you," I responded.

Two days later...a new water pump and thermostat had the old '98 Wrangler kicking heat like there was no tomorrow!!  And the price had me smiling!

It's nice to have children that care and help...:)


Sharing some family time with you and


Bee Lady said…
So sweet that he takes care of stuff like that for you. Car troubles are no fun. You sound like me. When I get a vehicle, I tend to keep it forever! Glad you have a Wrangler!

Cindy Bee
gld said…
Yes, it is. Aren't you glad you moved back near them!

Our two don't live close but we know they would be here if we needed them.
Anonymous said…
It is lovely that you are being looked after. By the way, that's a lovely Christmas Cactus you've got in the window. Looks really healthy from what I can see.
Willow said…
So good to have a warm car on these so very cold days !t
MadSnapper said…
that is wonderful. mine are the opposite, we have to help them
That was real nice of your son JP.
He has learnt about cars from the Pres.!!
Boy oh boy, it really is deep snow there JP.
keep warm.. glad the old car was working again.
val xx
Anonymous said…
And this winter with all the very cold temps it's sooooo important to have a vehicle running properly. No one wants to be caught on the side of the road!
He is a Keeper!!!!! :-)

Give him a big hug, from me too! :-)

And I love-to-pieces that first photo of yours!!!! Sooooooo cooool.

Candy C. said…
He is a good boy!! :)
definitely a thoughtful son !
blessings to him as he has blessed you...
Love that you're in good hands!
Linda said…
Sweet, thoughtful sons! Don't you just love them? Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Rambling Woods said…
Awwww..of course he is wonderful.. you raised him...Michelle
Inger said…
How comforting that must be. A lovely post.
E. Beth. said…
you should stay home. or maybe use under ground transportation? that would be awesome. that could work. we need to look into that? just picking, OM. glad to hear you are staying warm in the vehicle-o. ( :
How wonderful when they care enough to take the time.
Anonymous said…
I was so sad when I moved and left my old mechanic as he was so reasonable and super nice but thankfully we found somewhere up here that's as reasonable and friendly. It's always great to have a dependable mechanic.

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