It's All In The Coat

This past week, we had two more snowfalls.

Giving us close to ten inches of fresh powder, the storm over last weekend was the more significant of the two.   I did find that trudging through it to fill the feeders was a little rough since it was now over my knees and because of the cold temps, had a thick crust on top.  Although the Pres plowed the "clearing" for the small herd that comes by to nibble, I can't expect him to plow the entire yard!!  (It would be nice though.)

Giving us another 5 inches, Tuesdays began around 8 am and ended around 3 pm, causing driving to be hazardous and schools to close AGAIN.

Nature takes care of it's own.  The thickness and color of a coat makes the world of difference to one of Mother Nature's finest!!

My coat, however, does not blend in with the landscape.  Bright yellow and water resistant, it is warm and extremely functional.  Besides, you'll be able to find me if we keep getting snow!

Did you know that you never stop learning?
I learned something new this week.
Never jump off a stone wall into deep snow when you're OLD.

Does the snow make you do crazy things?

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Being really "Olden," I stay inside. -giggggggles- So no, I am not jumping off things, into deep snow.


With you doing such things though, I think it very wise to keep wearing very colorful clothing!!!!!!!!!

Eeeeeek! If I went down into deep snow, I'd never get up. I'd need to send up flares, to be found!!!!
Anonymous said…
No the snow does not make me do crazy things....summer sun does....but I NEVER jump off anything anymore. Something important might break.
Linda said…
Stopped jumping ages ago!!! And we never have any snow to amount to anything. Thank Goodness! But I have enjoyed reading about yours this winter. Be careful! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
gld said…
I don't jump or climb, but I do have a few years on you! I haven't been trudging through deep snow down here either....DH drives between the milk barn and the back door several times and I feed the birds on the porch.

Deer have never come that close to the house. We do have some almost residential possums and skunks and recently two coyotes have been in outbuildings behind the barn lot.
MadSnapper said…
the deer don't seem to mind the snow at all and they are so beautiful. i can't imagine how hard they laughed when you jumped off the stone wall... no snow here so no crazy things for me...the craziest thing i ever did in the snow in KY was make snow ice cream....
Betty said…
It's official...spring is coming. I saw my first robin yesterday. They do not stay here. We only see them when they're migrating and I usually see the first one in February. They're on their way north and that means spring is coming. Our trees have started to get leaves too. I think our spring is about 6 to 8 weeks before your spring. So hang in there and don't jump off any more walls!
Brenda S said…
I love the snow and being out in it. The bitter cold, not so much. Between the cold and the 3 feet of snow we have everywhere...and the fact that I don't own snowshoes....I have not been able to be out in the snow. Oh yeh....I've been sick with one thing or another since December. That hasn't helped. Anyway, I am really itching to start taking pictures......need a better camera. I love your deer pics. We have had them sleeping along the woods and the south facing hills. What a treat to get up in the middle of the night and see the dark lumps all over the back yard. We've even had little ones sleep on top of the septic tank. I guess it's warmer there..... :) We have ponds that we keep bubblers in so they don't freeze over and kill the fish so the open water brings the deer here, also. They have quite a highway going on out there. When I do get to go out I have a huge, purple coat I wear. I look like Barney. Like you, I won't get lost and not found!
Thanks for sharing with us.
carol l mckenna said…
These are marvelous photos ~ love the deer ~ and thanks for visiting and commenting ~ More Snow possible in MA on Tues! ~ What a winter! ~ Happy Weekend to you ~

artmusedog and carol
DeniseinVA said…
I've been known to do crazy things, like step backwards off a curb when lining up a photo! Not going to do that again. After a second time there will never - I hope - be a third ;) Great photos! Deer are one of my favorite animals and you have caught them beautifully. Hope you don't get any more snow!
Lina Gustina said…
The deer look pretty and healthy.
Awesome shots.
Ann said…
should I come across a stone wall while we still have snow I'll remember your warning. I think it was last year, the craziest thing I did was plop down in the snow and proceed to make a snow angel. It sure was easier to get down there than it was to get back up
Adam Jones said…
Luckily we've not had any snow here in the UK so far, but it does make your pictures look extra special.
eileeninmd said…
I have to say I do stupid things, but not jump off a wall. At least not lately. Cute deer and lovely photos.

Thank you for linking up to my Saturday's Critter party. Have a happy weekend!
Angela said…
Those are some beautiful pictures of the deer JP! You should enlarge them and frame them! We haven't gotten a good big snow yet but our weather sure has been wild. It was Spring outside today! Flooded in yesterday and snow last week I think? lol It's hard to keep up with it! lol
Huldra said…
I think every season makes me do crazy things.. XD
Love you pictures :)
Beautiful the light!

Happy Sunday!
Andrea said…
Because i haven't experienced snow, i always pity the creatures in deep snow, and this deer i pity so much because its feet are deep in ice, and i wonder if it can find food. And...i smiled at what you learned with this post.
Anonymous said…
If I'd been the one doing the jumping off the stone wall into the snow... you all would still be looking for me! lol... Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #123!

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