It's The Little Things

What else was new?  It was snowing...
I was bored...
looking for what I had on hand, I found...
a box of Red Velvet Cake Mix...easy
ingredients to make Buttercream/Cream Cheese Icing**...even easier
Mini Cupcake pan and liners
Decision made...:)
(note:  I never used a box mix to make these mini cupcakes but was pleasantly surprised that I got 72!
Now, what could I do with them?
with the neighbors
 my son, his wife and Mia
Marty and his family (great folks that live down the street)
 my OS (other son) if he came by this week
 and perhaps a few will be left for the group at Tai Chi...perfect!

**Using a traditional buttercream recipe (Wilton's with butter NOT Crisco), I added about 6 oz of cream cheese that I had on hand and substituted almond flavoring for the vanilla.  It seems to reduce the sweetness and works well when you add a tablespoon or two of sifted cocoa...YUM

It's the little things in life that matter!

I wish I could share a few with you!!

What do you do when you're bored?

One more thing, I guess I should have moved the old navy dishtowel...LOL!
But that's called staging and I am real so it stayed...:)


What a nice way to surprise folks with treats and to relieve boredom on a snowy day. When bored, I read, watch a Film on Netflix, go to the Y, or call or write a friend.
MadSnapper said…
I am never bored but that is because I love to read and play with software programs and blog and email... if i did not have those then i would be bored and i can say that if i did get bored baking would never enter my mind, it would be EATING.... i have in the past eaten when bored, that was before INTERNET and Digital cameras....
Anonymous said…
While I appreciate the sentiment I really don't need those little darlings sticking to my hips.
Linda said…
Yum! Hope all your loved ones enjoy these yummies! As for being bored, I look forward to those moments. Always something to do around our house. My brick floor is calling my name as I type ;) Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Thank you for sharing your cup cake recipe JP:
I will gladly share one with you.
When its raining and cold and staying inside.. I paint. Of course one has to be in the mood. Or I zip through my magazines of house and home.
read my books. play with my dogs..
Anything to keep boredom at bay
+ of course blogging.
happy week to you.
Oh my, yummmmmy looooking!!!

And just as yummy, is the peek into your home! I love, love, love peeks into blogger's homes.

More please... Please... Pretty please with icing on it... :-) More peeks at your home, I mean. No calories or sat/fat in those. -grin-
E. Beth. said…
did some one say "red velvet"??! ... my favorite ever. ... i wish i was there to enjoy one or two. yum!! i love your icing. did you use a fancy pastry bag? or you tell me you are the pastry wiz? are you still taking classes? ( :
No doubt those were very much appreciated.
I always bake when it's snowing too :-) At least if you're snug inside, you can eat well, right?
Candy C. said…
Wow, 72?!? That's a whole LOT of little things! I like to bake when I'm bored too; this morning, it was whole wheat banana bread. :)
Donna Heber said…
Your cupcakes look delicious! I wish I could say I was bored, but there is always so much to do and never enough time! Please feel free to stop over to enter my pay-it-forward giveaway.
Ann said…
Since these sound seriously good and they aren't on my diet I'm glad that you can't share them with
When I'm bored I mostly annoy my husband.
Betty said…
When I'm bored I usually end up falling asleep.

They look good!
MTWaggin said…
Yum one of my faves
I've never met a cupcake I didn't like, and these would be included! Like you, I enjoy baking for others, I find there's not as much guilt when I indulge in what I've made! :-)

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