Nancy Sinatra Said

"These boots are made for walking..."

not rolling, right?

Hey, wait a minute.

Mine don't have windows.

Mine don't have wheels.

Raising my camera as we drove by, I snapped the pic, smiled and waved.
The driver smiled and waved back.
I imagine that happens a lot.

How about you...would you love to drive that boot?
I know I would...:)


E. Beth. said…
sorry i am late today on commenting ... i took yesterday off to be with the hubby. so i am catching up this AM.

i love the boot vehicle. that is awesome. i wonder what kind of car is underneath? is it 4x4? so neat!! ( :

they are calling for snow around here ...nothing so far. we will see. enjoy your week, OM. you rock!!
Nancy C said…
That boot was made for rollin'...
Hello JP.
Never seen a truck like that.
would be interesting to drive and see what it was all about. !
MadSnapper said…
i might even have turned around and chased that boot for a closer look and 100 shots
TexWisGirl said…
quite the ad-mobile. :)
Anonymous said…
maybe it will roll into Guelph...I'd like to see that boot
Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!!! That must have cost money!

Now, if you did one, it should be Nanci's CUTE WHITE boot, though. ,-)
That's rather unique, isn't it!
Anonymous said…
Oh whoosh! Now that is cool!
Ann said…
well that's pretty cool. I don't know if I would want to drive it but it is cool
Anonymous said…
Almost as cool as when I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck!

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