Not All Shadows Are Cold

Sharing with you a recent sunny day that we all enjoyed!


MadSnapper said…
he looks like he is made from shiny gold.. so beautiful
eileeninmd said…
Beautiful golden color, lovely captures. Happy Sunday!
Anonymous said…
You can feel the warmth of the sun in that photo.
Jeanne said…
Beautiful capture and love that eye looking out at you!
Anonymous said…
We had a day of sunshine yesterday... blue blue skies and fabulous sunshine. Love this shot!
TexWisGirl said…
awesome light in these!
Ohhhhhh, isn't he beautiful???

Seems to be posing, almost...

So maybe it's a She?

Inger said…
What a great capture. I love how the sun plays in the picture.
The deers coat has taken on a beautiful golden colour in the sunlight. What a beautiful creature, hiding in the bush!

Thank you for sharing your nature shot as Sunlit Sunday.

O those blessed sunny days--and what a great shot!

First Evening Shadows
Linda said…
I have looked for that sight all year. Our beagle keeps the deer away from our view. :( Glad you caught your view on camera. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Ann said…
sunshine just makes everything better. Nice capture
cedarmerefarm said…
It looks nice and warm! Great capture.
Wow, the fur on the deer is just glowing JP. A nice share.
Starry Dawn said…
Hi JP,
Awesome photos you are sharing here, my friend!
I love deers, and all animals.
The landscape looks fantastic.
I truly enjoy looking at pictures of wildlife and mother nature.
Thank you for sharing them with us, sweetheart!
Have a blessed Sunday, JP!
Thank you also for visiting my blog posts!
Welcome Aboard at anytime!
Greetings from Poet Starry.
Lorrie said…
Great shots of sun, shadow, trees and wildlife.
Anonymous said…
Great use of that golden light!

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