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HALLELUIAH!  My sister is CANCER FREE!!!  We are elated!!!  All that remains are a few hurdles to overcome from chemo side effects and she will be good as new...:)

Crown of Thorns
Last weekend, the Pres and I attended a mass dedicated to his mom and stepfather. When Father John began sharing the individuals to be remembered, a teary-eyed me held my breath in anticipation.  Grabbing hold of the Pres' pinky and then hearing their names, the tears of sadness became those of pride...proud to be a part of their life.  Will I ever stop missing her? Them?  

Thank goodness for savvy youngsters! Although I am still not comfortable with it, my oldest granddaughter Jelly Bean (Rhia) tried to give me a crash course.

Although a lot of our snow melted when we had 40-50 degree days last weekend, several of those polar vortex things has us in their path with below normal temps...single digits mostly.  Although we are not happy, the daffodils will be.  

The Face
by Mother Nature

What's on your horizon?  On my horizon are some projects requiring a little handy-work.  As soon as I know all the ice is gone, I am heading out to explore. For some reason, I want to start early this year, vowing to get in a lot more kayaking this year.   Then I found out why when I read my horoscope:

  "Shake your lethargic attitude by doing something physical.  Walking, cycling, swimming or hiking will not only engage your muscles, it will also help to release your imagination."

  Heaven help my followers!


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Rain said…
Oh my goodness JP that's so fabulous !!!! Yay to sister!!! I've been off blogs for awhile- I know I can't complain- I miss everyone but it's so nice here-biking and playing outside!!!-- what can I say! Be well my friend-will catch up on a rainy day!!!
Fondly, Rain
Anonymous said…
Well...first I had a few sniffles of happiness and then I did a celebration dance for you and your sister. Hooray!!!!!
Oh that is awesome news about your sister. "Proud to be a part of their life" I like that line. HUGS HUGS B
Karen Lakis said…
So good for your sister - that is celebration worthy! It's great to look forward to spring and bringing those kayaks back out!
MadSnapper said…
so glad to hear the good news about your sister..and that you will soon be able to get out and MOVE... a crash course in what?
i like the part of holding his pinky... teary eyed remembrance is a good thing.
Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!

Gentle hugs,
TexWisGirl said…
great news on your sister! and i loved the face. :)
Mary said…
So happy about Sis -- and I understand about your mom in law and dad in law -- big hugs my friend. xo
Good luck to you and your endeavours.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.
Oh I am so happy to hear about your sister!!
XmasDolly said…
OMG Praise God. I am so happy for the both of you! Wishing her continued good health. Have a happy weekend as I know you will. Give thanks.!
Barb said…
Hurray for your sis! I know how relieved you must be. Kids nowadays are very tech savvy - my grands tutor me, too! I like both your photos.
carol l mckenna said…
Wonderful news about your sister ~ that is what is important ~ Happy Weekend ~ xxx

Good to hear good things happening, JP. Remembrance services do bring back a flood of memories and have so many good ones.
Nina said…
That's the best news ever!!! So happy to hear that your sister is free of cancer! PTL!
Oh your plans of cayaking sounds lovely!
Angela said…
Praise the Lord! That is fantastic news about your sister! I pray that she will continue to feel better and regain what she lost from the chemo.

We are expecting an ice/snow storm Sunday night! Yikes! I am doing all the laundry I can and making sure all the dishes are clean! lol
Mimsie said…
Wonderful news about your sister. You must all be over the moon.
Remembering loved ones can be difficult but memories are so wonderful aren't they?
Crown of Thorns. My dad used to grow one and it was quite large. Makes me wonder if I can buy one to keep his memory really alive. He left us in 1971 but I still feel close to him.
My future plans...to hopefully have our kitchen cupboards replaced after I flooded our kitchen (accidentally and stupidly) a few weeks back. Insurance covers it but not looking forward to the upheaval we will have. Too old for that sort of thing but will have to put up with it.
Candy C. said…
Hooray for the good news for your sister!! :)
I'm ready to tag along on your warmer weather adventures!
Anonymous said…
Very glad to hear that news about your sister!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh wonderful for your sister

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