Recycling & New Construction

Last week, my son and DIL asked me if I could come over, spend the night and watch Mia since the teachers at her school had workshops the next day.  Eagerly, I packed an overnight bag, hitting the road the next day.  Anxious to spend time with them, it meant I get a break from my routine while helping them out at the same time!

I sleep downstairs in their partially finished basement which has a huge bedroom.  Little did I know that there was new construction added since I last spent the night.  

 The next day, after we had breakfast, Mia and I decided it was time for her to move in to her new house that "my Daddy built for me when he got his new tires."

 "Nana, I have to make this window just a little bit bigger," she said as she began to modify her Dad's creation.  Tearing one of the "panes" she ran upstairs and said, "Daddy, Daddy, I had to make the window fit my face.  Is that okay?"

Watching and listening to Mia, I decided that new tires are good for the soul!
I was the announcer.
She was the performer.
Each performer had a different name and a different act.

Does your imagination still work as good as it did when you were a child?
Mine does!


Of course my imagination is still as good ;-) Her house is cool!
Anonymous said…
It's fun to play with children and let your imagination loose.
Linda said…
Who had the most fun? You or your grand-daughter? Love the box house! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Big boxes are such fun for kids and their imaginations!
Anonymous said…
Refreshing to see a kid with a fully working imagination. ;)
Gail said…
I love times like this!
MadSnapper said…
Yes it does still work and i still love fairy tales. cute house with even cuter face
carol l mckenna said…
What fun photos and fun time for you and your grand daughter ~ Love the house ~ Great post! ^_^

Candy C. said…
What a great play house! There's nothing like a big box to get a child's (or adult's) creativity and imagination working. The bonus is that there are no batteries required!! :)
Ann said…
awesome new construction. Didn't take Mia long to do some renovations to it though did

I regularly bring out my imagination and exercise it
Mimsie said…
This all so much reminds me of my granddaughter's blog Childhood101. You should check it out. She won awards overseas for it and has so many wonderful ideas for children.
I feel you had a wonderful overnight stay at your family's home.
Rambling Woods said…
It didn't have to be store it

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