That's What Friends Are For

You all know how excited I get about eagles, right?

Well, my friend, Sandra (aka Mad Snapper) sent me an email.

Sandra , found this for me!!! found on FaceBook

Hugs, smiles to you, Sandra....AGAIN!!!


Ann said…
I saw that on Sandra's facebook page and it made me think of you. It was pretty awesome
MadSnapper said…
glad you liked it. i just watched it again...
That was an awesome capture, I've shared it on my FB page too.
Betty said…
That's amazing. I would love to see an eagle in the wild. I've only seen an eagle at a bird sanctuary and I believe he was blind and couldn't be released. I just read in the newspaper about an eagle's nest in someone's backyard in the next town. They say it's very rare in an urban area like this and they don't know if the eagles will stay.

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