Those That Misbehave

One of the other things we played while I was at my grand daughter's was school.  She loves to play school! Thinking that I would be the teacher and that Mia would be the student, the game began with, "Nana, I'm the teacher and your name is Julia...she's my best friend.  Now go and sit down, Julia."

Pretending to work on my paper using hers as an example, I chuckled to myself when I read her answers.  Captioned "What is good for me?" Mia's answers?  

Fruit is good for me (squeezed into the circle until she found out otherwise)
Jim ( I just LOVED this one...thinking, who the heck is Jim????)...Uh-duh, Nana??
Fresh Air

Judging from the tone of her voice as she barked orders to the classroom and me (Julia),  I gathered that Mia's teacher must be quite assertive and have no tolerance for bad behavior.   This conclusion was drawn because...

Mid-stream of me being a Jula, Mia suddenly decided that I was now moving on to the role of  "the Principle."  Just her tone was scary!  So...

Physically, I had to relocate to the dining room and one by one, seven students "came to the office," while I pretended to "do paperwork, Nana."

So when you were in kindergarten, did you learn to spell and read phonetically?
And, tell the truth, were you ever sent to the office for bad behavior?


Mimsie said…
I actually did correspondence lessons when I was 4 and 5 as we lived on a farm where there were no schools.
I used to play schools with my dolls and teddy bear as pupils.
I love this story of you attending your granddaughter's class.
Anonymous said…
I went to a one room school..there WAS no office for bad behaviour...just a nasty old teacher with a strap. There was no kindergarten, we started school at age five and I knew how to read before I got there thanks to my Mom. I always disliked school and can't remember ever playing at it in my off time lol. Sounds like Mia's very strict teacher hasn't thrown her off school (not yet anyway).
MadSnapper said…
never went to a principle office, i was to afraid of my dad and what he would do if i did.
also we lived in KY and they were allowed to paddle, never got paddled either.. we had no principle until 9th grade.
No principal here. Well, not until senior year of high school anyway ;-)
E. Beth. said…
i was told by a man that i worked for that if i had been taught to spell/read phonetically i would be a better speaker/speller/reader - & all that jazz. i have always been a terrible speller. but i keep my dictionary by me at all times. the funny thing is the way words sound doesn't always mean they are spelled that way??! it makes sense to me not sure if it works in your mind or? the English language is dumb. have you ever taken Spanish? - it makes sense there. if you watch a Spanish folks they get what i mean.

i was in trouble a couple times but never sent to the principal's office. those are other stories for another date though. ha. ha!! ( :

I remember how our oldest Grand daughter loved to play school. I wasn't the play-Nana. But Pop was the play-Pop. :-)))))))

Me? Did I go to Kindergarden? Suppose so. But I was "purrrrfect' then, so probably never got in trouble. ,-)
I attended a private pre-school and did not go to kindergarten, but directly entered the first grade. I did learn to read in the pre-school, and still enjoy doing it after all these years.
Ann said…
kindergarten was way different in my day. It was more play time, snack and nap.
I did go to the principals office a couple times when I was in high school. My rebel
Absolutely classic JP.
I only have the one daughter and 3 boys.
My daughter, used to be the teacher - her brothers when small the class. I used to peek in. I bought her an easel chalk and rulers.. pencils and so on.
Guess what. She is a teacher, amazing. A good one at that too.
such sweet times playing with our grandchildren.
mine are growing so fast.
happy days to you Jp.
val x x x x
Chatty Crone said…
I did not go to the principal either. In my school they had corporal punishment - a huge paddle that they had permission to use!

Anonymous said…
My kid also love to play. He will play with his grandfather.
Mary said…
This post brought nice memories of "playing school" as a youngster. One must be flexible in their roles... from student to principal... :)
Anonymous said…
I probably did not learn to read/write until 2nd grade. I was a slow learner. And I don't think I ever was sent to the Principal's office but in preschool I did start a pillow fight during nap time. I had to sit out at recess while waiting for my Mom to pick me up.

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