Time To Say Good-Bye

Sadly there were not a lot of people that attended the funeral service.  Of course, I wanted to go.  They were one of my best friends

One of my favorite things, they were given to me by a woman I met while we lived in Virginia.  Divorced and a single parent, she and her children enjoyed many good times.  We used to meet for lunch.  I remember encouraging her to apply for a better job and working with her on a "mock" interview.  She got the job which gave her a higher salary and benefits that she needed for her and the kids.

So one year for Christmas, her son handed me a small gift bag with these Disney socks inside.  His mom, Teresa, told me that he picked them out himself at WalMart, telling her that the purple and pink stripes would look nice on Miss JP."

We all have our favorite "old clothes".  You know the comfy ones that you put on when you don't feel well...the ones you wear when you just want to hang out at home.  As you can see, these were one of those things I called "comfy."

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