While I Was Gone

I was at the gym.

The Pres was home.

He got company.

Walking in the door, I said, "Honey, what's burning?"

Nonchalantly, he responded in a calm, almost monotone voice, "I think it's the box for your internet."

ME:  "Did you call Charter?"

HIM, in an excited exuberant tone:  "Hon, you should see all the turkeys that were in the yard this morning!  I took pictures with your little camera.There were at least thirty!"

ME, placing my hand on the modem:  "Honey,  I'm more concerned about why the modem is so hot and smells like it's burning NOT how many turkeys were in the yard.  I think you should call them."

HIM:  "I guess."

ME:  MEN!!

One more thing.  A few more things.

The technician came. 

The modem was replaced.

No melting plastic odor.

No turkeys in the yard.

I am home.

Cute mosaic, right?


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MadSnapper said…
we are most certainly on another wave link from the one they are on... yes, cute collage. bob has no idea how to call our provider....and it is simple for us since we have the package that includes the phone. dial 611 but he doesn't know that
Anonymous said…
Look at all those turkeys. The mosaic is great with all those angles it provides an optical illusion.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like your husband was being a turkey. LOL
FIRE FIRE FIRE.... ya, but look at all the turkeys, Dear.
Oh my!!!!

You are quite wonderful. I'd have been screaming at him! Yes-I-would-have. -moan-

Glad all ended well! Oh my yes!!!!

Ann said…
He obviously is not a blogger. Otherwise he would have known that the priority here was the modem. :)
eileeninmd said…
Nice shots of the Turkeys! Sorry about the modem, but glad it was replaced.. I could not go without my internet. Thank you for linking up to Saturday's Critters. Have a happy Sunday and week ahead!
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun post! :)
EG CameraGirl said…
I would miss the Internet, that's for sure. But look at all those turkeys! :)
Candy C. said…
Oh MY! I'm glad it's all better now and there really are a lot of turkeys out there! ;)
E. Beth. said…
i want some turkey!! look a there a bunch in the yard there. i hopped over for "Saturday's Critters" ... so fun. hope your coming up week will be a great one!! ( :
Lorrie said…
What a great bunch of turkeys! Men do seem to be on a different wave length sometimes.
Anonymous said…
That's a little scary. Then again, I am kind of paranoid about stuff catching on fire.
Anonymous said…
I just popped over from Mosaic Monday for a visit. I had to laugh albeit at the time I know it wasn't funny! Men, bless their little confused souls! :D I love the turkeys, we have oodles in our yard all the time too! I'm a new follower and look forward to future posts that I'm sure will make me smile!
Hugs from New Hampshire,
Beth P
(I just moved my blog to wordpress and not sure if this comment links to it yet so http://elisabetpollockstudio.wordpress.com)

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