Winter Blunders


Oh Cardinals are the most beautiful birds. Hug b
MorningAJ said…
Is that a 'he'? Are the sexes different? He's lovely.

Your cardinal photos are lovely. The fuzziness, makes them even more beautiful.

Gentle hugs,
Anonymous said…
The distortion makes them look like watercolour paintings. I like it.
E. Beth. said…
i love cardinals. ( :
Gotta love the cardinals!
Nancy C said…
Take what you can get! Love Mrs. Cardinal -- she's elusive!~ :)
Starry Dawn said…
Hi dear one,
I truly love cardinals, birds, animals, mother nature.
They are my true best friends!
Your photos are stunning, sweetie.
Thank you for visiting My Journals Blog, and saying nice things about my posts!
I highly appreciate true friendship.
Welcome Aboard at anytime!
Poet Starry.
MadSnapper said…
bbrrrrr birds, but where are the brrrrrlunders.
Tiggeriffic said…
This morning I had 18 Red Cardinals.. No one would pose for me..Lovely Miss Cardinal..she is a beauty.. Won't be long and we will be hearing Mr. Cardinal singing his love song to her. I can hardly wait~!
ta ta for now from Iowa:) You are Tiggeriffic~!~!
Ann said…
I love cardinals and I love these pictures. They look like paintings
My very favorite bird. How I wish we had them here in California.
xxoo Mona
Angela said…
I love cardinals! I was so excited today when my son said hey mom there are a bunch of birds in the yard come and see. I went to look and the yard was full of Robins!!!! You know what that means?! Spring is right around the corner!!!! I sure hope so because this getting flooded in is getting old. Twice in one week. Electric went out too and even the gas! I just did a post about my day yesterday! lol
Rambling Woods said…
Very artistic looking cardinals

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