Wordless Wednesday


Ann said…
poor guy, he should have flown south when he had the chance....lol
Nancy C said…
That shot speaks volumes! :)
MorningAJ said…
I suspect he did fly south - just not far enough!
A great photo JP.
Poor fellow.. hope he got out of that deep snow.!
No words necessary:) Hug B
E. Beth. said…
i guess i am blind - even enlarging the photo - i can't tell what it is? at 1st i thought it was one of your bracelets or a tire? no clue. google /blogger has it snowing. which always makes it tough to see the real shot. apparently others see a bird ... nope not me. ( :
Anonymous said…
A shawl of white
finer even
than the finest knitted wool
a shroud
for a goose.
Rambling Woods said…
I don't know what that is...hmmmm

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