You Are What You Eat

Almost daily, I eat good, nutritious food.
Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
High fiber/low sugar cereal
Almond milk
Wild Blueberries
High fiber whole grain bread
Romaine lettuce
Olive oil
Peanut Butter
And that's just the first half of the day!!

Yet every once in a while...almost daily...I want a snack.  

So, I came to the conclusion that I am a

nutty, crunchy, mouth watering fruit...LOL!!!

Although some pictured above are better than others, I still indulge.

What do you snack on?


Sharing a few snacks with you and


MadSnapper said…
i must be a pizza, we just go home from having pizza for lunch... for a snack at home i like popcorn, raisins and heart healthy nuts.
Anonymous said…
carrot sticks sigh
Ann said…
I've been eating a lot of rice cakes for snacks. Other than that it's bananas, yogurt, fat free pudding, just to name a few.
Ohhhhhh Thank You! For posting this!

I have us trying really hard, to eat healthy.

We have a Healthy Living Grocery Store near enough. And we have switched to all organic fruits, veggies, and meat.

Today I posted about trying to eliminate processed foods with certain contents... By baking things, myself.

Sometimes, when I get on such a topic, I can sound like I'm "preaching." Tried not to do that, today. Thank you for jumping on the same "band-wagon" and on the same day even. :-)))))
Angela said…
I've been trying to eat healthier. I really do love broccoli and kale, but the kids don't care for it so I have to still make something for them. I have been buying organic when it is at all possible because now that we've been eating the organic the other just don't taste right and we won't eat it. Organic bananas are so much better than the regular ones! I'm really not much of a snacker surprisingly, but when I do I like to make homemade popcorn over the stove with a touch of sugar to make it like a kettle corn. I like it crunchy!
I'm trying to be better about eating healthy foods like you do, and if you are what you eat, then I'm sweet, fast, and easy! :-)!!!
Mimsie said…
I can't afford to eat more than my 3 meals a day so I very seldom snack between meals but if I do it's usually some seedless grapes when in season. We eat as healthy as we can as we are both have type 2 diabetes but don't bother with organic and the like 'cos we reckon at our age there's not much point as over 80 years we've probably ingested lots of bad stuff i.e. pesticides, fertilisers etc so why worry about it now. Not only that, so many of the 'good' foods are far too expensive for us.
Popcorn is my favourite snack. I can almost inhale a whole big bowl of it.
I eat like you do JP, but I don't like the almond milk - I've tried!

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