Experiments and Growth

Not everything is about toys at my son's house for Mia.  Bringing the world of science to their kitchen, sometimes they conduct experiments too.  Like the day I was there and they made a Lava Lamp!

Oh, one more thing.

The lava lamp was a much better experiment than the one my son conducted in his bedroom when he was in high school.  We laugh about it to this day.  Telling me, "Mom, don't touch that.  It's a science experiment," as I reached for the dinner plate holding the hard moldy bologna sandwich remains.  LOL!!! 

Happy Birthday, Goob...love ya...:)

Sharing a family secret with you and


Curious about how a lava lamp is made, JP. Thanks too for the post about making play clay at home. We did give each of the grandkids a small set at the holidays, and wonder if it will still be around at Easter.
The lava lamp sounds fun. More fun than moldy bologna sandwiches.
MadSnapper said…
can we have the recipe for lava lamp? my mother did love those things.
Ann said…
very cool. looks like fun.
My kids did a few of those experiments but I don't think they were officially for science class....lol

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