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While living in Virginia, I met wonderful people.  One young woman and I hit it off immediately.  Meeting her at the Y, we would sometimes meet and walk the hills of Rocky Mount early in the morning, chatting the entire time.  Recently divorced and a mother of two, she and the kids came to our cook-outs.  They felt like family.

  Sometimes we would meet at a local restaurant for coffee before she had to pick-up the kids from school.  Always trying to encourage and convince her to apply for a "better" job, I would conduct mock interviews with her as we sipped our coffee.
Then, the day came.  Suiting her hours, close to home and the school, a job became available.  It was as if her guardian angel was answering our prayers.  She got the job and the following Christmas, her son, the youngest of the two children, picked out a pair of Disney purple and pink striped socks for "Miss JP," as he used to call me.  They were from he and Katlyn and became one of my favorite things!

 It was a sad morning.  Saying good-bye is never easy. 

Are gifts from friends important to you?


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Rain said…
Oh my goodnessJP-- those are the very best gifts ever!!
Rain :)
Precious... And they also accompany a precious story. You did well, by this woman, my Dear.

And her son showed you, how very well you did by them. :-) A treasure of a gift.

Linda said…
Your story gives me inspiration to work with my young friend who cleans our floors. She needs a "real" job, but we are going to begin with getting her drivers license. No 23 year old woman should be depending on her 30 year old jobless husband to transport her around! Now I have said it! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
TexWisGirl said…
how sweet. glad you could mentor and encourage her.
Surprise gifts from friends are always wonderful and welcome, especially when unexpected as well.
saying good bye is very hard. I recently had to do it too when a friend moved away. A sweet gift from a friend is always cherished. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥
Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.
Starry Dawn said…
Hi JP,
Your quite corner is always a beautiful place to visit.
We traveled to Virginia several times. It's a wonderful place.
Words of encouragement and support are always welcome.
Thank you for sharing your world with us, sweetheart!
God bless you.
Greetings from Poet Starry.
I just found your blog and your post was such a treat. I love a good story and although there are miles between you and your friends, you have to hang on to those memories! :)

Nancy C said…
I wish I had had a guardian angel like you when I was "growing up." xo
Ann said…
Good friends are a rare treasure. Saying goodbye is never easy
Mimsie said…
A beautiful story and yes, friends near or far are so precious.
Love those socks.
Rambling Woods said…
Precious.... Yes and I have a few letters from students and those mean a lot to me

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