Making Fun

It was simple enough, that's for sure.

A lot less expensive than running to the store and buying it.

Playdough is a classic childhood toy everyone can have fun with, and it's so easy to make at home you'll never buy that stinky store variety again.

Basic ingredient ratios:
2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)

food coloring (liquid, powder, or unsweetened drink mix)
scented oils"

Not only simple and fun but also associated with valuable lessons.

Stirring a hot pot requires patience
Wear plastic bags on your hands
 (or for the more civilized individual, you could wear rubber gloves)

And NEVER...
Never use CONFECTIONER'S SUGAR as a substitute for FLOUR! 

And who learned this invaluable lesson? 
 No, it wasn't me.
  No, it wasn't Mia.
  It was my son...LOL!!!

What was a "funny" you learned in the kitchen?



gld said…
Ahhhh, mine are all past the play dough stage. They are more at the "can I ride the ATV?" stage! We get to see two more this weekend.
I remember making play dough for our girls many years ago. Can't say I have a kitchen blooper to share, but can relate one my daughter did. She baked cupcakes for her daughter's class and accidentally sprinkled salt on top of the icing instead of sugar.
Candy C. said…
Oh NO!! That is actually pretty funny about the powdered sugar! ;)
Sue Williams said…
Stopping by during the Thursday blog hop. I have great memories of making a version of this when my kids were little. Thanks for posting this and taking me back a few dozen years!
Nina said…
How creative - a wonderful idea to do play dough! Looks like great fun as well :)
E. Beth. said…
i have heard of folks making their own play dough ... so fun!! i want to play. i love the way play dough smells ... that is a childhood memory for sure. you have the greatest ideas!! ( :
Rambling Woods said…
I didn't know you could make it yourself
Anonymous said…
My mom used to make play dough for me. So fun!

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