Mosaic Monday~Hanging Around

Last Sunday, because we were supposed to get snow, the Pres and I headed to our sons.  If school was cancelled, I would be there to watch Mia on Monday.  However, if there was school, then I would simply drive my Wrangler home, which is what I did.

Jay had asked the Pres if he could give him a hand trimming and putting up a few doors.  The night before, the Pres loaded the truck with the tools they would need and Sunday morning we headed to their house. 

 It's nice to see an older more experienced person (the Pres) teach someone (my son) the right way things should be done.

I had the easiest job.  I was the "go fer" and loved every minute of it!!

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Oh that is nice of the Pres that is the way they learn:) Hug B
Having a mentor for household renovations is a good thing.
TexWisGirl said…
nice to see the pres.
Anonymous said…
I would have 'gonfer' a cup of coffee and just put my feet up and watched.
Ann said…
go-fer is a very important job :).
Looks like a very lovely home they have
Linda said…
I love it when my hub and 30 year old son do projects together. Not always sure who teaches whom. How are you feeling, by the way? Hope Mia has gotten well, too. Hugs, Linda
Rambling Woods said…
Awwww... Nice to see that

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