Random 5 Friday

I've been doing a little HAPPY DANCE and singing It Missed Us, It Missed Us since Sunday night even though the Pres drove me to my son's to watch Mia in case school was cancelled.  Mia went to school and I drove back home in my Wrangler.  

When I get behind the wheel of my Wrangler, my mind soars and feeling free, I feel the outdoors.  Am I losing it?   Although the odometer reads over 190K miles, it still loves to climb the hills out here in the Quiet Corner and seems to have as much energy as I do.

Speaking of home, the adult eagles have been chattering and chirping up a storm throughout the day.  Turning my head in the direction of their sound the other morning, I watched one adult soar through the thick woods toward the nest.  It all makes me think that mating has occurred and perhaps egg laying has either happened or will be soon.  My weekly visits will begin.

When I went to Tai Chi the other night, we focused on something known as Animal Frolics, another intriguing phase of the ancient art which is directly related to the Five Elements for Five Seasons.  I found the entire concept and thought process so interesting...:)

When you've been exposed to something very contagious but don't feel sick, how long should you avoid others?  If info says you can develop symptoms 2-7 days after being in contact with the sick person do you avoid people for 7 days?  

Sharing my germs with you and those at

Random 5 Friday


Thanks for sharing the germs:) I have no idea.Tia Chi sounds so relaxing. I have my Older Jeep and I love spending time with it we have a good thing going. Have a nice weekend. Hug B
Karen Lakis said…
I've heard other Wrangler drivers say the same thing. Not sure about avoiding people, it's not an option for me - I just try my best to stay healthy and not touch too much. Watching the eagles much be awesome!
Mimsie said…
Many years ago I had a little old Ford tourer and I loved it. These days we just have little Hyundai Getz which gets us from A to B when needed.
Glad germs don't transfer via cyber space but hope you keep clear of anything you may have been in contact with.
Tried Tai Chi once but it and I just didn't seem to gel for some reason. I know others that enjoy it.
Enjoy the weekend.
I don't avoid people if I've been exposed to something but have no symptoms. I just try to make sure I'm washing my hands all the time. Hope you don't get it!
Schools closed here - 3-5 inches today.
Anonymous said…
Here's hoping you don't come down with 'the bug' and yes...to be kind...I would avoid folks for the incubation period.
Linda said…
Since I retired 5 years ago, we have avoided most colds and flu. Actually we avoid most people living out here in the "sticks" of Louisiana. But we make sure to wash our hands with anti-bacterial soap as often as possible. Keep healthy and enjoy your Jeep! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
TexWisGirl said…
hope you don't get sick! if folks actually stayed away after being exposed to illnesses, i'm guessing the bulk of the population wouldn't be seen all winter. :)
Karen said…
Something about driving a Jeep just makes you feel free as the wind!
Inger said…
I love our Wrangler too! I feel at least 40 years younger every time I hit the road in it. And it's good to know about the 190,000 miles. We have a long way to travel to reach that number.
Ann said…
I'm never able to avoid people when I've been exposed to someone sick. Working in a retail environment it's impossible
Candy C. said…
Love your Wrangler! A few years back I had a dark green hardtop Geo Tracker that I really liked. I hope you avoid the illness. Exercise helps to boost your immune system so maybe you will be okay! :)
Sarah Huizenga said…
That is a great jeep. I always wanted one when I was younger.
Nancy C said…
I love your Wrangler and vow that will be my next vehicle (when my F150 dies.)
Gosh I hope you didn't catch it- I would stay away from others for at least a few days depending on how you feel. My experience is that if one of my grandkids gets a virus- then the second one will get it anywhere up to a week later, and I start hiding out as soon as I hear the first one is sick! Bwahaha~
Rambling Woods said…
I have considered finding a tai chi class here

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