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Hey, remember my new neighbors I was so excited to have?  They have put their house on the market after only four months!  The realtor sign was put in front of their house this week.  Although I want to know why, I hope nothing serious is wrong.

Last Saturday it was 50 degrees here and the sun was so warm I sat on the deck...listening to the eagles. The expression screaming eagle has a whole new meaning to me.  It no longer means motorcycles and Harleys.  It signifies life, strength, courage and I listen attentively out the slider every morning while the coffee is brewing.

Speaking of coffee.  Did I tell you that I had five coffee makers...all the same?  Remind me.

Another birthday this week...Kree turned eight last week and her party is this weekend.
Yes, I baked...:)

Thirty nine years ago today, I gave birth to my son.  Weighing 7lbs 14oz and being 22 1/2 inches long, the little guy grew to be quite the young man, devoted husband and great father.  Happy Birthday, Goob...I love you!

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TexWisGirl said…
happy birthday to your son. sorry to hear the new neighbors are already leaving!
MadSnapper said…
hope both of your sweeties have a wonderful birthday.. sorry about the neighbors... it is very strange after only 4 months so i am thinking must be something not so nice.
eileeninmd said…
Lots of birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday to your son and to Kree! The eagles make some cool sounds. Enjoy your coffee. Have a happy weekend!
E. Beth. said…
i hope you will get some great neighbors i can sympathize with you there. good neighbors are hard to find. right?!? ( :
Jen said…
If I lived somewhere I could listen to eagles every day, I might never leave. Too bad I can't buy the newly vacant house.
Happy Birthday to your son. That is quick for the neighbours. Hug B
Betty said…
Happy 39th Birthday to your son!

Another eagle was found a few towns away. It had been electrocuted. I guess that is a danger, but he was found alive and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center and in spite of everything they did he died. In an urban area there are so many dangers.

Happy Birthday to Kree and you son! it sounds like a few great days of celebrating!

How neat to see and hear eagles. I remember the first time I saw a hawk up at the lake, I was in awe. We are supposed to have eagles as well but I have never seen one in the 23 years we have been there. I've seen a lot of other various creatures and critters, it's been quite a learning experience.

Okay. 5 coffee makers? Do enlighten us!

Unknown said…
Wow, how exciting to be able to enjoy that while brewing coffee! have to admit I'm a bit envious. 5 coffee makers??? Must tell us more.
Karen Lakis said…
A very happy birthday to your son! 5 coffee makers? You've got me wondering. Sitting on your deck and listening to eagles sounds heavenly!
Anonymous said…
Very strange that the house is now back on the market. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that house and hear the story.

Happy Birthday to your son!!
Nancy C said…
About the neighbors -- perhaps the property taxes were a shock? Just a thought.

Happy Birthday to sonny boy. xo
Anonymous said…
Was it something you said?
Now really...five coffee makers all the same? Do they all work or are you keeping the dead soldiers for parts?
Ann said…
selling after only 4 months? I would be going crazy wanting to know why.
Happy Birthday to your son
diane said…
Happy Birthday to your son!
Dang about the neighbors ... wonder what that's all about .. you've got us curious now!

diane @ thoughts and shots

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