Every Day

Nearly every morning when the sun rose a little higher, the potted trees would be visited by "the locals." Pushing the gravel aside to look for bugs (or maybe crumbs) they never made a peep...just always busy searching and swallowing. Then into our second week, some nest tweaking became the focus!  Each morning I would find construction materials under our hut, apparently discarded by the diligent workers.

When we arrive home, they will continue to enjoy life on the small island of Aruba...their home...our paradise.

Sharing their life and a little of ours with


Shadow Shot Sunday

Have you been kicking back and enjoying life while I was away?
I have a ton of photos so you'll be seeing Aruba for a while...:)


MadSnapper said…
I like that second shot with the visitor sitting there smiling and hunting his breakfast
Always nice to know other nature lovers watch the birds while away on vacation.
We still have some snow but I've started pruning shrubs, trying to fix the bunny damage.
Anonymous said…
Lovin' the locals.
Ginny Hartzler said…
A sweet little tiny life, building a home...and I think most people would totally miss this!! You would be amazed at the number of people who never even notice birds! Can't wait to see all your pictures, and what you found.
Fun locals to hang out with, and I'm sure you're visitors they don't mind!
Ann said…
I guess the natives to Aruba don't get to relax as much. It's work as usual for them :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Such a tiny bundle of magic feathered life. He looks like a precious jewel on the edge of the pot.
Rambling Woods said…
Lucky wildlife...lucky

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