Last Night

After dressing casually, the four of us climbed into the rental car and headed down toward "the strip" where there are a lot of restaurants. We had our bellies and minds set on Smokey Joe's, which specializes in ribs. Ordering half racks (for us women) and full racks (for the men), we dug in with passion! Crunching and munching our way through the side orders of fries or hash browns and slaw, we filled our bellies, then, like others around is, asked for a box.
Looking around at each other when our waiter asked us about dessert, at first we all said we were too full. Then, the words, "let's just do it" came out of my mouth.

Yep, served family style, we all got one...a deep fried Oreo and some pretty awesome vanilla bean ice cream topped with chocolate sauce!
You can see only three spoons in the pic...mine was in my mouth!!!

Sharing the pic, but not my dessert, with you and

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Anonymous said…
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ribs. One of my favourites.
MadSnapper said…
sounds wonderful. Oreo's are my favorite cookie.
Willow said…
Looks so yummy I want some for breakfast !
Ginny Hartzler said…
I can't imagine what this dessert must taste like! Every kind of sweet that we like all rolled up into one wonderful dessert.
Betty said…
A deep fried Oreo sounds really, really good!
Ann said…
oh my does that ever look good. Sometimes no matter how full you are you can find room for dessert if you really want it
E. Beth. said…
i am sorry i haven't been around - it's my bloggy troubles. i am catching up now. can you so yum? well, of course you can you got to enjoy it. ha. ha!! ( :
Oh yummy! Sharing is good, less calories.

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