Random 5 Friday

Heading home tomorrow, today is our last full day in Aruba.

Yes, I will walk the beach and visit my friends at the Butterfly Farm to say good-bye until I return next year.

Our suitcases will be much lighter and our flight will seem shorter...it always seems shorter, heading home. I think that's always a good thing!

Using lots of sunscreen, we all got great suntans and the only wound this year is on my daughter's leg. She scraped it climbing the coral on her way to their private "sauna" (shown below).

I did get homesick which is not unusual for me so I am happy to be heading home! Being with Moon and Copper again...being home...diggin and planting in the yard will do it for me while the Pres missed his remote, cable and our 55 inch TV a lot!!!

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Oh You are going to have lots of memories to enjoy while you play in the dirt and the Pres watches his TV:) B
Mimsie said…
It's great to get away but I guess home truly is where the heart is and those two beautiful dogs, and that garden and that TV to of course.
I hope your daughter's leg will be OK as I believe coral scratches can be quite unpleasant.
trav4adventures said…
Beautiful beach. Glad you had a change of scenery!
Cheryl Ann
Safe travels. Those dogs are gonna be SO happy to see their mom!
Snap said…
Glad you had a wonderful time in Aruba. It is always nice to go home. I think a good vacation makes you appreciate home! Safe travels. Happy Friday.
Inger said…
Copper and Moon will be so happy to see you again. Have a safe trip home.
Inger said…
Copper and Moon will be so happy to see you. Have a safe trip home.
Deb said…
what a beautiful photo!
TexWisGirl said…
enjoy the last portion of time there - and i think getting home is the best feeling in the world. :)
What a fantastic coral sauna.. hope your daughters leg is healing.
What a great holiday you have all had JP.
I should imagine you are home by now..
Home sweet home.. Its always a warm secure feeling to come home.
Pleased you enjoyed your time in Aruba.
happy weekend.
xxxx val
Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh my, how beautiful!!! But I am glad you are ready to come home.
E. Beth. said…
enjoy your last few moments - have a ball - love every second. ( :
Carole M. said…
I have a sign reminding me, 'home is where the heart is'
Safe travels, home, JP, and like yourself, I am always glqd to get home after being away awhile.
Sarah Huizenga said…
So glad you had a great time on vacation. I get homesick less and less as the years go on, maybe I just really need vacation.
MorningAJ said…
That looks amazing!
Ann said…
being away, as nice as it can be, sure makes home all that much nicer to go back to
Anonymous said…
There's no place like home.

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