Random 5 Friday

In Aruba I had time...spare time...free time.

We've been back less than one full week and it seems like I have been so busy.  Consumed by yardwork, enjoying the dogs, sneezing and sniffling, workouts at the gym, resuming Tai Chi classes, making cookies, bird watching and listening for the eagles!

Seeing an adult occasionally flying over, then disappearing into the woods or hearing them chatting in the pre-dawn hours makes me smile when I open the slider to listen as the coffee brews.

The Pres and I are planning on removing the hardtop from the Wrangler.  It's nearly time for the soft-top and kayaking to begin.

It's been only a week since my BFF's dog passed.  You remember Bunny, the GSP, I babysat for before vacation?  One morning, while away, I woke earlier than normal.  Bringing my coffee out to sit near the pool, I suddenly thought of Bun Bun and got a sinking feeling.  She'd had died in her sleep around four that morning.

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Anonymous said…
Poor little soul.
MadSnapper said…
sorry to hear about bunny... God bless her family
Ann said…
So sorry to hear about Bunny.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry about Bun Bun. Sad news.

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