Reason For Rhyme

First there was one sitting in a tree
Before I knew, then there were three.

Sipping on water straight from my cup,
Males and females began showing up.

The arcing stem of the black raspberry bush
Hey, I was here first.  Please don't push!

All day long they enjoyed in the sun 
Do know that two heads
 are better than one?

Sharing with you and those at's contagious...:)


eileeninmd said…
Love the pretty Goldfinches! Beautiful mosaic and a cute poem! Enjoy your new week!
Jeanne said…
love these little birds, and your poem.... just perfect
We haven't seen any goldfinches around our thistle feeder comoared to oast years. Yours provided a lovely view, JP.
podso said…
I'm so glad I stopped by to see this sweet post. I love your mosaic. It is so unusual and just looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful little finches....they haven't shown up here yet.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Very cute poem. and I can just imagine them flying in one after the other! You did a lot of work on the collage, it is brilliant.
Ann said…
I love Goldfinches and I love your poem.
Inger said…
A sweet poem for many sweet birds. How great is that?
A perfect verse for a bird that really does say spring and summer too!!

Hope your week is off to a good start!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I certainly did smile.
genie said…
I have Goldfinches galore and they are so sweet and pretty. They make me smile each day as I sit and watch them flurrying from one branch and feeder to another...sometimes as many as 5 at one time on a feeder. Loved you little poem. It brought a smile to my face this morning. Such a nice post.

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