The Pelican Brief

These two greeted me nearly every morning as I entered the beach from the Police Parking Lot. I think I spent more time watching them
than I did any other bird.

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Aren't they adorable?


Stewart M said…
What a wonderful bird is a pelican!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Carole M. said…
quite different to those I see my side of the world
They are truly adorable:) Hug B
Good title for a book, ya think? Oh that's right that John Grisham DID think so too! Enjoyed the birds snaps, JP.
MadSnapper said…
the pelican is my favorite bird and when we are at the beach they are so entertaining. i also loved the book and the movie.
HI Yes, I have to agree with you. adorable.
E. Beth. said…
i can't think of the bird - i am thinking of the movie with Julia Roberts ... is Robert Redford in it to?? i have to go check??! you are so silly OM!! i love your humor. ( :

ok, ok - back to the pictures. neat dudes. or are they ladies?? anywho??!
Ginny Hartzler said…
What a wonderful way to start the day!!! SO cute! I have neveer seen a real one.
Chatty Crone said…
They are wonderful and that water is so beautiful too!
Ann said…
it looks like they're waving at you :)
Beautiful photo of the pelicans JP.
You are so lucky to be able to photo them..
xx val
cedarmerefarm said…
I think Pelicans are interesting looking birds. I love to watch them hunt.
Unknown said…
They look adorable indeed. They're just fun to watch.
eileeninmd said…
The Pelicans are one of my favorites! Great shots!
Mimsie said…
My husband has a thing about pelicans. Years ago when he worked in a high rise building in Perth city he could sit and watch the pelicans spiralling above the Swan River as they caught the updrafts.
Ours in Western Australia look a tad different from yours but all in all, they are beautiful birds.
Thank you for sharing.
Pelicans are so interesting. No wonder you enjoy watching them!
Anonymous said…
Oh, gosh... the color of the water is so nice!
Rain said…
I love those goofy pelicans too!!

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