A Chair Named Willow

Last year, while out shopping with my daughter, I saw a chair.  I loved it!  But I didn't like the price tag attached to it....$899.00!  Yikes!  I was not about to spend a thousand dollars on a club chair.  "Lets move on,"  I told my daughter.


A few weeks ago when she and I went shopping, I said, "Lets go look for my chair."

Although my chair was in a different spot in Jordan's, the multi leveled furniture store, it was there with a better price tag...$549.00!

Having all the qualities I wanted in a chair, it is cozy, comfy, rocks and swivels and the color matches perfectly with the room's other sage accessories!

Will someone remind me next time, before I take a picture to remove all the tags please?

The Pres and I...made in America

Beside being made in America, there's another PERK! 
The store apparently roots for the Boston Red Sox.
Okay, I thought but unsure of where he was going with it when the salesman told me.

if the Red Sox win the series, I get the full amount of my purchase in a store credit!

Another surprise was this great furniture protection and cleaning kit that was FREE.  If you zoom in on the small print, which I didn't even do as I held the kit in my hand, the store will refill the bottles as they empty!

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Ann Thompson said…
Well I know who you'll be rooting for in the world series :)
That is a great looking chair
It's nice that the chair found a way to become yours!
Ginny Hartzler said…
I am glad you got the chair, and at about half price, it is really pretty and I would never do housework all day, just rock!
You and Willow were meant to be together, no question -- And she even came with fringe benefits, you just can't beat that! :-)
Mimsie said…
That is one truly beautiful and comfortable looking chair and a great reduction in price.
I think it's baseball you're talking about isn't it. Anyway I hope they win for you. :)
P.S. Do remember to remove the tags next time won't you LOL
Angela said…
You just never know! I can remember hearing a story I think last year where a store offered something like that if their team won. Their team won and they had to pay up on their deal! I love it that it is Made in the USA!!! I wish more stores did that!
I love the chair, and it's name! :-) Yankees forever, however...lol..

Rain said…
Ummm..... That big white tag did catch my eye........but only to think - that's what would happen to me!!
Enjoy cozy time!!--Rain
It is a beautiful chair! Good luck with the world series ;-)
Donna Heber said…
I just love your new comfy chair! Willow is a keeper!
MorningAJ said…
Lovely looking seat. I think I would consider it a throne!
Pamela Gordon said…
Wow, that is an awesome deal and knowing it was made in your own country adds value to it I think. It's a lovely chair and I'm sure you will enjoy it for years!

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