Did YOU Know?

Sometimes things...stuff...amaze me.  

For instance, the other night, while I was on the laptop, I noticed the Pres doing something with the windows.  Going from window to window, room to room, upstairs and downstairs, he finally sat down.

Honey, what were you doing to the windows? I asked.

"Well, come here and I'll show you."

"See this recessed stop on each side?  You push it up and leave it popped out so no one can open the window more than three inches from either the inside or outside," he explained so matter of factly.

"I never knew that!!" I exclaimed.  "I thought that was a grip for me to use to open and close them."

And now you know why the sitter couldn't break in through a window.
They won't open more than 3 inches.
That, and the fact that the alarm would have gone off.

Getting excited over the silliest things and 

sharing with you and 

Katherine's Corner

They never had these back in 1802 when I was a kid!!!

Do you get excited over silly things like this?


Anonymous said…
Ah..modern technology. Those little bits that keep the window from moving are just plastic. A determined person with a solid lever of some sort could probably break them if they put their mind to it. We have them on our windows as well but I wouldn't leave the house trusting in them.
MorningAJ said…
We have something similar on our windows and I've 'clicked' it on our bedroom. Now I can't work out how to close the window! Not too bad in summer, but I'm going to have to work it out before winter comes back!
MadSnapper said…
i wish we had those windows... a way to let air in at night and not worry about sleeping withthe windows open
Betty said…
OMG...I think I have those on my windows! I'll have to check it out.
TexWisGirl said…
modern little nuances! nice!
Ann said…
well isn't that a great idea. My windows are so old that they most likely hadn't come up with such a thing then
Yep! I certainly do! We are going to put in new windows. I want some just like yours!

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