Flying High

From down here the view just can't get any better.  

Navigating my way upstream through the shallow water, I first heard the cry then saw movement from the peripheral edge of my right eye.


Two of them.
Floating in that effortless suspended fashion on this sunny breezy morning.


What do you think?
Sharp-Shinned or Cooper's?

Sharing more of what's good (and my well-worn Guide for Northeastern Hawks)with you and those at


Linda said…
Cooper? You are the expert! We only see hawks and buzzards flying over here. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
I enjoy seeing them but certainly can't identify one from the other!! beautiful picture! Hurray for blue skies!

MadSnapper said…
no clue here, i can tell a hawk from another bird, but not what kind
TexWisGirl said…
no idea but love that first view.
Felicia said…
hmmmmmm, not sure but he sure is beautiful.

Ginny Hartzler said…
Oh gosh, I am a birdwatcher, but am terrible at identifying hawks. I am impressed you got the shot from inside the kayak!
Unknown said…
Too far away for me to tell.Boom, Bobbi and Gary
Janice said…
Love both shots! Sorry, not a clue as to the hawk.
Ann said…
I'm no expert on identifying birds. from what I see in the pictures I say it's a tough call
Rambling Woods said…
Can't I'd well...but what did the call sound like. I use sound to id if I can
Hello JP.
I see you are back kyaking..
for a few weeks now, i have had two hunting birds hovering over the area.
i have no idea what they are.
You took an incredible shot from your kyak.
wishing you a happy week.
val xx
MorningAJ said…
We get a few buzzards here and an occasional red kite. I'm always pleased to see birds of prey.
Nina said…
I hear the water and the birds as I look at your images ... the Great Outdoors is calling! Wonderful feeling of freedom in your captures!
Rohrerbot said…
Love birds! Check out maybe Red-shouldered Hawk? Either way, looks like a great day outdoors!

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