Oh No!

"Honey, Pensacola is getting hit really hard with heavy rains and flooding, " I said as the Pres entered the great room.  Poor guy.  He'd just gotten up and here I was hitting with fears and worry about my Sister!  Watching the Weather Channel, I'd been up since 5 am.

"Have you talked to her yet this morning," he asked sleepily as he went to the frig to get his OJ.

"Well, I sent her a text but she hasn't answered me yet.  I just need to know that she's okay. ". He knew that when it comes to my sister, I worry whenever bad weather is near.  

Living on the Panhandle father out and not far from the Alabama border, I know how the area is prone to tornados.  And to compound matters, she still owns a home in Pensacola...a home she bought and lived in many years ago...which she now rents.  That house is near the bay and has never had any major damage from all the hurricanes that have come through.

Bottom line...she is fine.  Both her homes did fine.  However, she sent me a few pix.  Not far from the house in Pensacola is Scenic Highway, part of which collapsed.  And Olive, which connect 9th and Scenic also saw it's share of collapse as well.

Olive Collapse

Scenic Hwy

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Did you know anyone impacted by the heavy rains?


MadSnapper said…
i saw all this on TV but did not know your sister lived there. glad she is ok. i fretted over many of my blogger friends who were in the path of the storms. they are all good.
40 miles North of us Tampa got 8 inches of rain in 4 hours and had a lot of flooding, but here we got 5 and 1/2 and no flooding. our pool is full to the top and runningover
Anonymous said…
We've been seeing photos of tornado destruction and sinkholes...so glad your sister is okay.
Anonymous said…
The sink holes in Florida are getting to be a REAL big problem. Don't think we could ever live there, although there has been discussion about it. Tornadoes, sink holes, hurricanes... I feel for all those who have suffered losses.
TexWisGirl said…
glad your sis and her properties are okay.
Rambling Woods said…
I am glad she wasn't impacted...
Glad to read your sister was ok, JP. It's hard not to be concerned about famiky living in or near hard hit areas.
Ann said…
Holy smokes. Seeing those pictures it's no wonder you worry about her in bad weather. Glad she was safe

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