The Day After

Yes, Moon and Copper were good for the cookout.  They wandered among the guests and Moon even helped Aiden look for rocks.

They were pooped too!

Looking down at them the following day, I couldn't help but see that they too deserved some rest.

Do you think Moon ate too many homemade dog biscuits?

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Willow said…
Love canine life through the window ~ the look like they are enjoying the day.
MadSnapper said…
I feel exactly like Moon
TexWisGirl said…
mine sleep like rocks after company. :)
Mimsie said…
How wonderful to have well behaved pets. Show how well trained they are and how loved as well. They deserve their rest as I am sure you do as well.
Ginny Hartzler said…
That's funny!!! They are totally worn out! And that is not an easy thing to do to your dog!
Felicia said…
I like how you took the pictures through the window.


Ps come visit my new dedicated "photo only" blog at
Gattina said…
Taking a sunbath ! how nice !
Ann said…
picnics are made for overeating, even for the
eileeninmd said…
Homemade doggie biscuits, I am sure they are happy doggies. Cute shots. Thank you for sharing your post on Saturday's Critters.. Have a happy day!
You can share your "canines" with me any day! I love post that share pets.

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