The Good Life...Not Wife

I've been a tad negligent with blogging lately and actually feel guilty about it.  Is there a thing called "busy"?  Or is it called "preoccupied"?  Whatever it is, I have to get myself on a better schedule.

WHAT do I forfeit now that warmer weather is here?

Am coffee?

Walking with the dogs?

The gym three times a week?


Tai Chi two nights a week?


My wifely tasks like cleaning, baking, cooking?  PICK THIS!  PICK THIS!

Riding in my new, but gently used. golf cart?

Oh, didn't I tell you?  The Pres and I made the decision to purchase my MIL's golf cart from her estate.  Mom used it for working around the yard and driving down to the greenhouses where we get our plants from in Cheshire.  My FIL had added a platform, a small boxed in bed with a removable rear panel for easy unloading, in the rear to hold branches, sticks, rocks to make life easier for Mom when she was alive.

Riding in it makes me feel like Mama is right next to me.
Placing a few garden tools and gloves right under the dash, where she used to keep hers, I climbed in and cranked the electric motor.
It felt like she was sitting right next to me!
When I donned her sunhat and saw a pair of Cardinals, I was hooked...:)
Mom always had a calming effect.

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So, what do you think I should give up...hmmmmm?


How great to have! When we were in Palm Springs it was fun to see that the houses have golf cart garages :-)
Anonymous said…
Dump the cleaning and pay smeone every other week to get rid of the worst of the dirt. Cleaning is a miserabale job and by the time you've reached the end of the house it's time to start again. Dirt has no mercy.
TexWisGirl said…
i'd dump the cooking, cleaning, baking. :) that is, if i really did any of that to begin with...

give me yard work and animal chores and i'm happy.
Linda said…
Don't give up anything! When you give up, you lose. Rules of the game! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
I say keep doing it ALL and i love the golf cart and would like driving it myself
Ann said…
Do a little bit of whatever makes you happy at the time. If it's blogging fine, if it's tooling around in that cool golf cart even better :)
Hey JP you really looked good in that hat and in the golf cart. As for what to give up...nothing, just do this and that of what you enjoy the most when you have the time for each. And, if one or two are not so often, so what!
As for neglecting your blogging that doesn't seem possible as you are one of the more prolific ones I read. My problem is finding the time to sit and compose a post for all the ideas that come up and also getting to read lots of other folks great ideas on their blog posts!
Rambling Woods said…
I liked seeing you riding with your memories.... Michelle

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