Aruban Leftovers

Snowy Egret

While on vacation this year, I discovered a neat spot where lots of birds hang-out. Although it was really off the beaten path, I feel safe in Aruba because of the places we go, I guess.  One morning, as I rounded the thick brush and peered toward the open brackish water, not only were there birds but there was a man standing near the edge.

Immediately noticing his demeanor and how he was dressed, I saw the binoculars, the long lensed camera and typical birding attire.  It was then that I continued in toward the marsh.

Acknowledging my presence, then introducing himself, he began to tell me stories about the birds in his country.  Then it was my turn to tell him about the Bald Eagles back home.  Although he said he'd never seen one in the wild, his eyes popped with interest as I told him of the experiences from last year.  Two old birds talking birds...:)

As we traded stories he began to name birds as they came in and although his accent was heavy, I had him repeat them occasionally.
Unfortunately, I had no notepad with me to take notes but next time I will because he taught me a lot.

Red Throated Heron

So, I labelled theses pix, but if I messed up, forgive me because all I had was my memory until I got back to the hotel!   When I did finally get back to the resort, I rushed to grab a pen and paper and began jotting down names.

A big thank you to Juanitizio,

a gentleman from Venezuela who was kind enough to rattle off the names to me...:) and exchange some pretty awesome experiences with me as well.

Cormorants & Snowy Egret
Neotropic Cormorant
White Cheeked Pintail


Don't you just love learning new things every day?

I learned the Cormorants were drying their wings when they were flapping in the brush, that the Sora is a shy, timid marsh bird and that Crakes...well, Crakes are just too adorable for words!!

Sharing some Aruban leftovers with you and those at


Anonymous said…
Always nice to meet a fellow enthusiast.
Kathy W said…
Awesome shots. I am horrible about writing the names of things I take a photo of. I need to start carrying a pen and paper with me. Hope your day is wonderful!
E. Beth. said…
oh i enjoy the pintails. neat ducks. i guess they are in the duck family. ( :
Mimsie said…
Thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs and the names are an added bonus to we folk in other parts of the world who love to learn about nature.
How great that you met the gentleman who had so much knowledge to share with you.
Latane Barton said…
Beautiful birds. I love it that you told us something about them. I had no clue.
MadSnapper said…
I love learning new things, as in electronics or software or technology.. also other things. but my problem is, you told us the names of the birds today and next time i see one i will not remember. same with trees. i look trees and flowers up to find their names and the next time i have to look it up again... yes to learning even with a senior memory..
Enjoyed your wonderful bird photos - what a neat experience, meeting a fellow birder like that. Learning keeps us young, doesn't it? Feels like that, anyway! Vickie
Felicia said…
how wonderful to have met him and he taught you so much. great images. TFS
TexWisGirl said…
since they're in another country, they may be known by another name. the red-throated heron is the same (i presume) as our green heron. :)

love those pintails!
Ginny Hartzler said…
How awesome you ran into the nice birdwatcher, otherwise it would have taken quite a bit of research! I love the heron, he reminds me a bit of Groucho!
Ann said…
very cool to run into someone who's so knowledgeable and willing to share what he knows. Love all your shots and I wouldn't know if you messed any of the names up or not :)
Rambling Woods said…
Yes, I do love learning new things
betty-NZ said…
Great post. The photos and info are terrific.

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