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Last week when I went in to see the eagles, I couldn't wait to email my findings to Kate (Division of Wildlife).  That evening as I composed my email and hit send, I hoped that she would be able to read the excitement in my words:

When I got to the clearing and took my pic of the view, I saw no "lump" sitting in the distant pine tree as I did last week, so, after settling down on the ground, I focused on the nest.  Using the binoculars first, I saw a cluster of dark wet leaves flapping in the breeze on the right side of the nest.  Raising zoomer and taking a pic of that side, my eyes then moved to the left side of the nest.  I saw nothing but just sat quietly waiting.

Sitting there on the ground indian style and gazing up in the direction of the nest, a tickle in my throat surfaced (allergies).  Now, getting a tad more annoying, I stifled a cough.  I really just couldn't help it and it was that noise that disturbed them.

It was then that what I thought was a leaf flapping in the breeze grew larger.  As I watched in amazement, an adult spread it's wings, flapped twice and was airborne landing in another pine nearby!  To me an adult in the nest means CHICK!!!

  And if that wasn't enough...

movement on the left side of the nest!  A chick...a very well-developed chick..began to rise and stretch it's massive wings before then settling back down below the rim of the nest.  And let me tell you, it's mottled brown and white wingspan was huge!!!

 And if that wasn't enough...

the second adult flew in from behind and landed in a tree directly above my head...about twenty feet above my head!   In fact, I tried to raise the camera and lean backwards to snap a pic but felt like I was going to tip over so I gave up.  By the time I turned back, the adult was off to another pine.  However, I did get this shot just as it was ready for liftoff.  It's not the best, but I'm happy with it.

Did you know that a chick will be nearly two feet tall when it's ready
 to fledge at 11-12 weeks?

Did you know that typically a pair of eagles will have almost the same schedule for laying, hatching and raising their young year to year?

Did I tell you a tree was down across the path and I had to crouch down to get through?

Do you think Kate felt my excitement?

Gosh, it was a great day!

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Anonymous said…
That is exciting. We are waiting to see the osprey babies over here.
Anonymous said…
How wonderful!
We tried to see the eagles nest during our recent bike outings to Chincoteague NWR but they were too far, so you have been much luckier, JP.
E. Beth. said…
so fun!! love that shot. i need volume though. ha. ha! ( :
Kathy W said…
Great shot. Only place I've been lucky enough to see an eagle is at the Zoo. :-)
Monkeywrangler said…
What a great photo! Thanks for post ing it. I have seen nesting eagles once, and flying eagles in KS many times, but never gotten a picture of it all.
Your shot is SO excellent! I wish I could come visit the eagles with you.
Louisette said…
Wonderfull, happy summer!
MadSnapper said…
i know she felt your excitement because i can feel it to...that is a great shot of the eagle..
MorningAJ said…
I think that's an amazing shot! I'd be so proud to have taken something like that.
Bravo for your patience and ever-ready camera....great post and pic! Vickie
It is truly amazing to think they can go from egg to 2 feet tall in such a short time, isn't it? Yep, you had a wonderful experience for sure.
Felicia said…
Wonderful JP. I can feel the excitement. great capture of the eagle. I'm excited for you.
carol l mckenna said…
Wonderful post and photographs for OWT ~ very informative ~ thanks, xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
Pamela Gordon said…
Well, I sure felt your excitement! Amazing. And a great photo.
So exciting to see wildlife!
Linda said…
And I was excited when our baby swallow flapped its wings yesterday! I was ready to say The Pledge of Allegiance when I saw your great photo! What a great shot, thanks to allergies! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Ginny Hartzler said…
I felt it, so I think she felt it. This picture is amazing, it looks like the one they have on stamps and the picture for the Post Office logo. His mouth is wide open, so I think he is scolding you properly!
Ann said…
If your email to Kate was anything like this post I'm pretty sure she could read your excitement because I sure could.
That is a pretty great shot of the eagle too
Indeed , I am sure Kate was excited JP.
I would have been elated to see Eagles in my trees.
Your photo is amazing.. good shot.
I am sure you will be cutting the tree for winter fuel! its already fallen for you.
Happy week.
val xx
Rambling Woods said…
That you got the photo is wonderful. I didn't know any of that about eagles. That is a long time in the nest... Perfect for Nature Notes... Michelle
eileeninmd said…
What a great eagle story.. So glad they are there and the eaglets are doing well. I am excited for you! Have a happy week!
Inger said…
I think that is a magnificent shot of the eagle. And, yes, I do feel the excitement! Of course, I do.
You've expressed the thrill and excitement you felt through your writing. What an experience!


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