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I went in to see the eagles today because yesterday I think I heard a chick. It was a squeaky rough cry that occurred mid-afternoon. Noting the time, I envisioned feeding and planned on investigating.

This time, as I turned to head home, after seeing and hearing nothing, an adult flew in and circled wide and slowly. Never making a sound, it circled low and wide.  It never chirped or screeched.  It was carrying something...either a slender fish or it's talons. I think it may have been a snake. Reading it's body language, I knew it was time for me to head home so my visit was short.

Apologizing for this shot but I find myself so "into" watching and noting.  Of course, whatever it was carrying is hidden behind the pine branches.  Remember I am about 110 yards away at the rim of the buffer zone.

Yes, we'll have another successful nesting to report this year! Somehow though I have to get a chick count by the end of the month. My old spot on the boulders is out of the question as the brush has completely engulfed them.  I have to come up with a different spot.

 In order to see if there's multiple chicks, I'll have to plan on staying in about an hour to see if it/they climb to the top of the nest and poop.  Yep...poop.  Usually each chick will defecate in a different spot from the rim of the nest.  I think I'll set up a folding chair, bring my binoculars and the camera as well as the mosquito netting.

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Anonymous said…
Exciting times.
MadSnapper said…
you did good getting what you got from that far away.. i need mosquito netting for our back yard..
TexWisGirl said…
hooray for chick feeding!
cedarmerefarm said…
You are soooo lucky to be part of this wonderful routine.
I look forward to chick news - don't forget to take some lunch!
Pondside said…
We are always thrilled to see the eagles come to Pondside, but they have never nested here. We often see pairs, so they nest not far from us.
You asked about the Eagle is in a restaurant near here, but there are many, many eagle carvings to be found here on the Island. If you like I can scout out some of them and send you the websites.
It will be interesting to see how many chicks. You really have some patience but I know it must be a thrill.

eileeninmd said…
It is a good sign the chicks are being fed, it would be nice to see the eaglets!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Sounds like a good plan to me, I can't wait to see them!
Ann said…
exciting stuff but I must say I'm glad that my mom never fed me snake for dinner :)
Rambling Woods said…
Ah mosquito netting... I need it

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