Kids of All Ages

Our second oldest grandson, Jon, and his girlfriend, Natalie were blessed two years ago when Natalie gave birth to MacKenzie, our first great grand daughter.  In case you misplaced your invitation, MacKenzie turned two over the weekend and you missed a good time!!

The party was held at Bob and Anita's (Natalie's' Mom and Dad) house, who fed and catered to about fifty people for the event.  Natalie's Nanna made beef fried of our favorites!!!

Jon, MacKenzie &Natalie

Natalie's Aunt made three cakes for the crowd and each one of these Sesame Street characters!!!

The kids played pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs.  Kree, our eight year old granddaughter, almost won...almost!

MacKenzie loves to cook in the house and outside with her new kitchen.

When it came time to eat, she also decided that she loved the hamburger I was eating!!!

I think it was when she was biting my burger that she told us she was going to go to the beach for two!

Of course it seems that canines know my heart is on my sleeve because they always grab my attention.

And I cannot go to a party at Bob and Anita's and ignore their dog, Azula who has fur as soft as a bunny!  

You see, AZUL in Spanish means blue.

And Azula has one blue eye. Tuckered out by 6 pm, she really wasn't interested in me taking pix.  All she wanted me to do was rub her belly and talk to her...:).


Mimsie said…
Children of all ages are so wonderful but when it comes to grandchildren and great-grandchildren they are just so special.
What a wonderful day everyone had and I did spot that one blue eye even if it was partly closed. I think dogs sometimes get worn out when there's lots of people about.
Anonymous said…
that is one fantastic birthday cake....and beef fried time don't forget MY invitation.
Darn it we must have misplaced that invite too, so we went bike riding instead. Yours looks like a great gathering of family and food and fun.
TexWisGirl said…
sweet pup. cute kids. great looking cakes!
TexWisGirl said…
sweet pup. cute kids. great looking cakes!
Ginny Hartzler said…
The pictures are wonderful, thanks for inviting me!! These cakes are amazing!!! So do they live close by? Can you see her often?
Ann said…
That looks like some party MacKenzie had. Love those birthday cakes. Azula is such a pretty dog
Inger said…
I didn't know you had a great- granddaughter. You are truly blessed. The kids are so adorable and Azula is beautiful with that blue eye.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a fun time. Azul is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
What a fun party!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh Happy the cake and all the photos..

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