Making Headway

When we spent the day at the beach, the subject came up.

"Will you make this for me?" she said, handing the Pres a piece of paper with a diagram and measurements on it.

"Sure, no problem. We'll bring it next week when we come up," replied the Pres.

And so it began.

Right now it may not look like much, but the Pres did his part.  We delivered it on Monday.  The rest was up to my daughter.

After we left RI, they went to JoAnn's Fabric and bought foam, glue and grey on grey textured material. (The green thing with scales is a giant alligator!)

Acknowledging Pinterest, the Pres and her honey, she took a pic of the finished product for me to share with you and those at


E. Beth. said…
did you say gigantic alligator? need more pics of that please. ( :
Anonymous said…
The latest style....upholstered headboards.
MadSnapper said…
i have seen them do this many times on HGTV tell her shed did every bit as good as those decorators do..
Pamela Gordon said…
These are great and easy headboards to do. Good thing the Prez is handy with a saw and your daughter did a beautiful job on the rest. Very nice!
TexWisGirl said…
sweet headboard. :)
Ann Thompson said…
awesome headboard. I love do it yourself projects like this

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