Mixing Old and New

Usually, when I come in from outside in the morning, I need something refreshing.  To replenish the energy I've expended in that hour or so, I have been whipping up a little concoction for myself.

Using the Braun stick blender that my sister gave me over twenty years ago, I generally dump in place a low fat Greek yogurt in the beaker first.  (I love referring to this thing as a beaker...makes me remember my college Chemistry lab!!)  Then I add low sugar OJ and some of the protein powder I recently bought.  Loaded with essential vitamins and green tea to promote metabolism, it gives me a little extra protein something we all need as we age.  

Do you know how much protein you should take in a day?
Check out this...The Science of Eating...link.  It gives you, caloric, protein, carbs and fat intake based on your activity level and/or age.
When I found out, I almost keeled over!!

I just slugged down  finished the one I made this morning, using strawberry yogurt, OJ, chia seeds and my protein powder.  Good stuff and so refreshing...:)

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Are you getting enough protein?


Anonymous said…
No problems with the protein here...it's the fruit and veggies that suffer.
I much prefer veggies and carbs, so it's possible I don't get enough protein. But they say most people get too much, so I'm probably okay.
trav4adventures said…
That seems like a lot of protein...oh, well, I do eat a variety of veggies...:-)
Cheryl Ann
Linda said…
Thanks for the website link. I eat homemade greek yoghurt every morning with my cereal. Started making my own because it was expensive to buy, my local store does not carry yoghurt (:(), and what I did find in other stores wasn't yoghurt at all. We need the live cultures!!! Guess it is time to publish my Greek Yoghurt recipe again. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
i don't get enough protein but i knew that. i don't eat meat and have to get it from milk, eggs cheese peanut butter and beans... i will have to check how much i get a day.
Ann said…
I clicked on the link and after reading that I can tell you that my diet is in serious need of adjustment :)

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