Snail Mail

When the Pres placed the package on the island, it looked like it had been through the mill.  Although tattered and torn, I knew what was inside.  I had been waiting for it.

You see, AJ of Morning AJ, had a giveaway in April celebrating her blog anniversary.  She was supposed to give away ONE book but then AJ posted this the beginning of May.

"Everyone's a Winner!

Hi all

Back last month to celebrate my bloggerversary I offered a book giveaway and said I'd draw a name out of a hat to decide who won. Well. Seven people commented on that post and I figured just giving one book away was a bit mean.

So I have decided to send a book to everyone who commented..."

Needless to say, she emailed me to tell me I won a book and needed my address which I gave her.  Then when others began to received their books, she emailed me to ask if I'd gotten mine.  Telling her "No.  But don't worry, AJ, the mail is slow here," somehow I knew it would make it.  

It did.

Tattered and torn on it's exterior, it looked as if it had gone through the mill.  But was just perfect!

Deciding that I would use AJ's sweet note as a bookmark, I carefully cut out the postage seal from the tattered brown wrapping and taped it to the inside.  They belong together!

AJ, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so thoughtful to send me this special book.  I can't wait to read it!

Friendship Friday


Mimsie said…
I am so glad the book arrived...eventually...and was in good condition despite its wrapping. You are very fortunate and I hope you enjoy this read.
Oh AJ sounds so sweet. Enjoy your book it had a long road trip it appears:) Hug B
Anonymous said…
Mail is impossibly slow.....I was told to expect a package from Wales I think it was February....still hasn't shown up. I've mailed stuff Priority Post and been guaranteed 10 business days service...hah....don't count on it. At least your package arrived all in one piece.
Ann said…
How nice of her to send everyone a book. It's always fun to get stuff in the mail
Rambling Woods said…
Nice to receive to present in the mail
MorningAJ said…
Heaven knows where it went! But I'm glad it finally reached you. I hope you enjoy it. X
Nina said…
Such a wonderful surprise! Please write just a few lines about how you liked the book ... A good book to read on holidays is always appreciated ;)

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