The Old Nameless Gnome

On Father's Day, my son, DIL and Mia came out for a little visit.  A few minutes before I knew they would be arriving, I hopped on the gold cart and headed down the gravel road.  Planning on giving Mia a ride up to the house, I sat patiently waiting.  Believe me, it was all worth it when I saw her little face tickled with excitement as she scampered to unbuckle her booster seat belt and open the car door by herself.

Jumping into the cart and scooching next to me, she immediately grabbed onto the hand railing just as I said, "Ready?"  And we were off, heading up the gravel road as the dust hid her parents following close behind.  

Fast forward through bagels, cream cheese, OJ, coffee (for the grown-ups, of course), and the bacon, egg and cheese on hard rolls.  "Nana, can we make cookies today?  The pink, green and chocolate ones?"  

"Lets ask your Mom and Dad how long you're staying today first?"
After getting a "yes, we have time" from Mom, that is just what we did in between taking rides on the golf cart, making and checking on the little gnome garden.

When I told Mia the names that people had suggested for him, she thought and thought.  I have to admit she really looked like she was concentrating...LOL!! Then, tipping her head sideways, she said, "Percy.  Nana, I think we should call him Percy!"  So,  
Percy it is!

Your not mad at me for not selecting your suggestion, are you?

Sharing Percy (and a few flowers) with you and those at

Mosaic Monday


Anonymous said…
Percy sounds good to me.
Adorable gnome garden~ and the name come from the appropriate source :-)

I love your granddaughter story! Imagine the loving memory you just created with her - bet she'll never forget "Percy," either. Great blog.
Mimsie said…
Percy just sort of hits the spot doesn't it? My mum's dad's name was Percy.
I think the gnome garden is beautiful. I wish I had the imagination that you and others have.
TexWisGirl said…
percy is a great name. :)
MadSnapper said…
percy is perfect... and cute and so is the Mia story
Karen said…
Lovely photos of you gnome garden, and percy is a perfect name! We are constructing a faerie garden, and hoping some faeries will move in soon!
Anonymous said…
No place like gnome! Great shots.
Pamela Gordon said…
Percy is a great name. Good for Mia to think of it. Your flower collages are really beautiful.
Ginny Hartzler said…
Your flowers are outrageously beautiful! You are one fun grandma, the kind any child would want! I do think Percy is a great gnome name, one you never hear otherwise. Love the tiny red shovel!
Anonymous said…
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MorningAJ said…
Well hello Percy. It's a fine name for a gnome.
Ann said…
Percy is the perfect name for your gnome.
Pretty flowers
E. Beth. said…
i see spam above. that is a pain ... why i always look through my comments 1st. love the water droplets. so pretty. Gnomes are the greatest. so cute!! ( :

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