Work Hard, Play Hard

My dogs work hard and play hard.  
They protect me from all the birds that visit our feeders....LOL...:)

They wait and watch, always guarding and protecting.

Hmmmm...well, not always...LOL.

They wait...watching...ready to spring into action if the need arises.


When either the Pres or I are outside, they come to life as if to tell us they are on guard, chasing the little critters away from the feeders.

They dig.  They poke. 
 They move logs from the pile just to get a sniff and a whiff of

Bubba...hmmm, I mean Bubbalina (?), the red squirrel.

They wait patiently for me to throw the tennis ball...
over and over and over again.
And we discover new things nearly every moment we're together.


lately I've also been baking for THEM.

Peanut Butter Biscuits

2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup oatmeal
1 1/4 cups hot water

Combine ingredients in mixing bowl.
 Form into ball and roll to desired thickness on parchment paper
 (which will, as you see above, be placed on cookie sheet making clean-up quick).
  Place them close together on cookie sheet because they don't spread during baking.

Bake @ 350 for 40 min.
Shut off oven and leave biscuits in for a few hours.

Sharing Moon, Copper, some special moments and a recipe
 with you and those at 

Is that a seed hanging out of Bubbalina's mouth???


MadSnapper said…
i don't even bake for humans.. LOL these look good enough for human consumption.. baby is doing the same exact thing on the sofa that copper is doing in the grass, same sprawl .
Linda said…
Dog days of summer? Thanks for sharing the dog biscuit recipe. Flip will eat a cracker with a smear of PB. And my shoulder would be completely out of order if I did not have my fling it tennis ball slinger. Best money I have spent on this sweet pup! Have a good weekend. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
TexWisGirl said…
very cute. at least your two pretend to be on guard when you come outside. :)
Anonymous said…
Luck boys to have a Momma who bakes for them.
Chatty Crone said…
I love the pictures they are so cute. And I am going to copy the recipe! Thanks.
Ginny Hartzler said…
What is that on the leaves, it looks like someone has painted flower petals! I love the cute chipmunks, we used to feed them when I was growing up, they lived in our backyard. This is a cool shot of the squirrel standing up by the flower! Very impressive that you make your dogs treats! Your dogs are beautiful and remind me a bit of Sandra's Jake & Baby.
Texan said…
Now that's a good Momma :O). I know some guys who are spoiled! But is there any other way to have them! :O). Keeper stays with me best he can when I am outside, but he needs lots of naps, LOL for a young dog. Great Pyrenees seem to sleep a lot :O). I understand this is very normal for them. But they hear very well and are up at a moments notice if they feel something isn't right.
eileeninmd said…
Your dogs are pretty. Nice to have good guard dogs. Cute shots of the chipmunk and the squirrel. Great post! Thanks for linking up and sharing your post this week, have a happy weekend!
Love your dogs even when they pretend to be on guard duty. Have a great weekend.
FAB said…
Lovely shots of the good guard dogs.
E. Beth. said…
now i know why your animals (pets) love you oh so much. you keep treating them with excellent treats. yummy for them!!

i love the laying on the ground shot. that is too funny!! what a bum. ( :
What a fun post, JP! I think that our dogs are definitely cut from the same cloth, except ours protect me from gangs of grazing deer! :-)

Your dog-biscuits are perfect! Its been a long time since I tried my hand at baking dog-biscuits. I should try them again, they were fun to bake, and the dogs loved them--I'll confess that I kinda did too...

Felicia said…
And I bet they love them too. Such a cute post JP
Unknown said…
Cute shots! Even guard dogs are allowed to take a break.
Dancin Fool said…
Brilliant shots. Your home looks wonderful and so do your dogs, they remind me of my two who also take their garden guarding very seriously :0) Happy weekend!
Ann said…
I've been wanting to make Duke some treats. I got as far as buying a bone shaped cookie
Empty Nester said…
Great post! Tucker enjoyed it too. LOL He wants me to make him some of those biscuits!
Nina said…
Your dogs must be the most happy ones ... there's so much going on around them :)
Yummy - those cookies must taste so good ... I need to bake them (I love peanut butter!)
Rambling Woods said…
Lol.... Love the dogs and Mama squirrel

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