Crossing Places

Did I tell you that I know someone who lives in a shire?
I just love that word...shire...and really have no idea why.
I love the sound of it when I say it...SHIRE.
Did you say it out loud?

Anyway, my friend, AJ ( of Morning AJ)
lives in the UK and when I saw her return address, I beamed with pride!
I finally found someone who lives in a SHIRE...:)
(doing the HAPPY DANCE, I was!!)

Back in early Spring, I won a giveaway that AJ had and all participants received a book. Although mine took it's sweet time getting here because of the mail here in the states the book and note from AJ were unscathed.

The Crossing Places was one of those you can't put me down books. I love a good mystery and this was one! As you can see by the close-up, Ruth Galloway, the main character, is hunting a killer although that is not her true profession. Filled with intrigue and some surprising twists and turns, now I have to get the next one!

oops...sorry no pix today...:)
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MorningAJ said…
I love that you think it's a big thing to live in a shire. It just means an area of land under a particular jurisdiction. Of course it's where the American word for a lawman 'Sheriff' came from. It's derived from Shire Reeve, who was the guy in charge of the area!
I might do a 'shire' post, because it probably deserves one. :)
Good morning JP:
I was born in Lancashire-

Your photo did not come through on your post.. well on my blog anyhow.

pleased you are enjoying your giveaway.

Thanks for your comment.. I too was so excited to find out the little animal I saw was a mongoose.
While I may know why you and Joe are wearing bows, jP, I will not give away your secret. We hope you both have a wonderful celebration on the 4th for so many reasons❤️
Anonymous said…
No photo here either.
And here I thought a shire was a huge breed of horse ;-)

Nothing like having a great read :-)
MadSnapper said…
well finally at last you found a shire person.. know i am addicted to asking google questions. i asked what is a shire.

In England, a shire is the district about a major town which is the responsibility of a sheriff to police now we all know
Mary Hone said…
It is a wonderful word, isn't it.
Ginny Hartzler said…
O.K., now I'm wondering exactly a Shire is! A small town? A valley of some sort? I'm off to look it up!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Don't need to look it up, i just read Sandra's comment!
Rambling Woods said…
I didn't know anyone lived in a shire
Angela said…
Congratulations on your win! Cool that you finally found someone who lives in shire!
Ann said…
My new word for the day :)
There are plenty of shire in England. What a fun post.Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. ♥

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